Mining: subsurface mining vs strip mining


Introduction Mining refers to exploiting valuable natural mineral resources by manpower or machinery. However, most businessmen are engaged in mining. They face whether to use subsurface mining or strip mining to mine an orebody. Usually, businessmen will consider economic benefits first. This post will introduce two mining methods and analyze how to choose the best […]

How does jumbo drill work in underground mines ?

Introduction With the continuous development of the social economy, the industrial development momentum is very rapid. Still, due to factors, the current lower level of mining and the supply of mineral products is in short supply. Many underground mining equipment manufacturers have begun to conduct more research and production of underground mining machines. Hence, the […]

How to ensure safety underground mining

underground mining technology

Introduction With the development of the social economy, underground mine has a lot of disadvantages, such as low mining levels, the increasing need for mineral products, and inadequate safety management. And other factors that cause the occurrence of mine accidents. The problems result in casualties, environmental damage, economic loss, equipment damage. The blog post next […]

Mining Safety Rules and Regulations

MHSA:Mining Health and Safety Administration OSH:Occupational Safety and Health According to the MHSA of the U.S. Department of Labor, heavy machinery and other construction equipment account for 70% of mine accidents in the United States. Hazard communication, machine guarding, lockout/tag-out procedures, and electrical wiring were among the top ten most often mentioned causes of accidents […]

Safety In Underground Mining

Introduction Risks to underground mining workers are the same all around the globe. The dangers of mining base metals, nonmetallic minerals, diamonds, and coal are similar even though the extraction methods vary. However, the risk increases with the depth of the mine. What Can You Do to Reduce Mining Risk? There have been substantial improvements […]

The Ultimate Guide About LHD Machine

LHD Machine

Introduction LHD machine is a load haul dump machine. It is mainly used in underground mines and tunnel projects. The tires of the LHD scoop adopt smooth or semi-glossy durable cutting engineering. And the load haul dump machine has a diesel engine exhaust purification device. Classification of LHD Machine According to power source According to […]

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