The Ultimate Guide About LHD Machine

LHD Machine

Introduction LHD machine is a load haul dump machine. It is mainly used in underground mines and tunnel projects. The tires of the LHD scoop adopt smooth or semi-glossy durable cutting engineering. And the load haul dump machine is equipped with a diesel engine exhaust purification device. Classification of LHD Machine According to power source […]

Types of mining equipment commonly used in the mining industry

Mining equipment is a critical part of the mining industry. Mined minerals are used in almost every consumer product today. In fact, coal and uranium-based nuclear power provide for 50% of the country’s energy needs. This article will show you some popular types of mining equipment used in the mining industry and subsurface mining methods. […]

What is the difference between surface mining and underground mining

In mine engineering, in addition to mine management, mining is also a major business. There are two common types of mining, surface mining and underground mining. With the rapid development of social economy, people’s demand for mineral resources is increasing, and mining technology continues to advance. Let’s compare the difference between surface mining and underground […]

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