Underground Hard Rock Drills


I. Introduction

When it comes to underground mining, hard rock drilling is an essential part of the process. Without the right tools, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to extract valuable minerals from the earth. That’s where the rock drilling machine comes in.

These big machines can make holes in really hard rocks so that miners can find important things deep down in the ground. We’ll learn more about them, like what types of drills they use, how they work, and why they are so useful for mining.


II. Types of Underground Hard Rock Drills 

Several types of rock drilling machines are commonly used in underground hard rock drilling, each with its unique features and benefits. The most common types of drills used in underground mining are jumbo drills and long-hole drills.

1. Jumbo Drill

A jumbo drill is a powerful machine that is designed to drill blast holes in underground hard rock. It is typically mounted on a four-wheel drive carrier that allows it to move easily throughout the underground mine. Jumbo drills are well-suited for large-scale mining operations and can drill holes ranging from 3 to 20 feet in diameter.
One of the primary advantages of jumbo drills is their ability to drill multiple holes at once. This significantly increases the productivity of the drilling operation, allowing miners to extract more ore in a shorter amount of time. Jumbo drills are also highly versatile and can be used to drill a variety of hole sizes and shapes, depending on the needs of the mine.


Long Hole Drill

On the other hand, a long-hole drill is a smaller machine that is used to drill long, narrow holes in hard rock. These holes are typically used to create ventilation openings and for the placement of explosive charges for blasting. Long-hole drills are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of mining applications.
One of the primary advantages of long-hole drills is their accuracy. These machines are capable of drilling highly precise holes, which is critical when creating openings for ventilation or the placement of explosive charges. Additionally, long-hole drills are highly efficient and can drill through hard rock quickly and easily.

III. Characteristics of Underground hard rock drills

Underground hard rock drills are special equipment that drills through tough rock formations. They work in confined areas like underground mines, where they perform their primary function. Here are some of the features that make them exceptional:

  1. Ideal for Hard Rock Drilling: 1. Ideal for Hard Rock Drilling: These hard rock drillers are designed to drill through hard rocks such as granite, basalt, and sandstone. They have different drill bits depending on the rock type they are drilling. This makes them perfect for hard rock drilling. 
  2. Highly Mobile: Underground hard rock drills can be mounted on tracks or wheels, which makes them mobile and able to move in confined spaces. They can navigate through tunnels and mine shafts, even in tight corners and angles, owing to their mobility. 
  3. Wide Range of Drill Bits: Drill rigs can use different drill bits to handle different types of hard rocks, making them flexible and able to adjust to different drilling needs. 
  4. Angle and Directional Drilling: These are capable of drilling at various angles and directions, which makes them ideal for diverse applications. They can drill, and at angles, which makes them adaptable and capable of drilling in different positions and orientations. 
  5. High-Powered Engine: High-powered underground hard rock drills, deliver the force needed to penetrate hard rock formations. They are designed to operate for extended periods and ensure the largest drilling efficiency

IV. Application Fields

Underground hard rock drills have versatile applications in various industries. Here are some of the main application fields:

  1. Mining: Miners use special drills to dig deep underground and get minerals out of rocks. These drills make holes and tunnels to find the minerals. They can work in small spaces and can drill through different types of hard rocks. That’s why miners like to use them! 
  2. Metallurgy: These are also used in metallurgical applications, particularly in the production of metal alloys. They are used for drilling holes in metal castings and structures, as well as for tapping molten metal. The drills have strong engines and special drill bits that can easily drill through tough metal materials. 
  3. Water and Electricity: Underground hard rock drills are also used in the water and electricity industries. They are used for drilling holes in dams, reservoirs, and power plants. The drills can drill through different hard rocks and can be used at different angles, which makes them good for drilling in many different ways. 
  4. Railway: Underground hard rock drills are used in railway construction and maintenance. They are used for drilling holes in railway tracks and infrastructure, as well as for soil stabilization. The drills can operate in confined spaces, making them an ideal tool for railway construction. 
  5. Highway Engineering: These are also used in highway engineering, particularly in tunnel construction. They are essential for drilling blast holes and tunnels, as well as for soil stabilization. The drills’ mobility and versatility make them ideal for handling different types of hard rock formations in tunnel construction. 

V. Key Components of Underground Hard Rock Drills:

Hard rock drills that work underground have important parts that help them drill through hard rocks. Here are some of the important parts: 

  1. Drilling Mechanism: These drills have a powerful engine that drives a drilling machine to bore through tough rock formations. The engine delivers the greatest drilling efficiency by providing the necessary force. 
  2. Drill Bit: These drills use specialized drill bits designed for drilling through hard rock formations. The drill bits come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of rock formation being drilled. 
  3. Hydraulic System: They have a hydraulic system that controls the drilling mechanism and other functions of the drill. The hydraulic system powers and presses the drill, so it can drill accurately and quickly.

VI. Top 5 underground hard rock drill manufacturers

When we need to dig deep into the ground, we use special machines called drillers. It’s important to find good drillers that are made by a company we can trust. Here are five companies that make good drillers for digging deep underground:

  1. Fucheng Machinery: They are from China and make different kinds of drillers for mining, including ones that can drill through really hard rocks. People like their drillers because they are strong, work really well, and have cool new features. 
  2. Sandvik: They are a big company with factories all over the world. They make drillers that can dig deep underground with great precision and safety. Their drillers are really good at getting the job done fast.
  1. Atlas Copco: They are another big company that makes lots of mining equipment. Their drillers are really good at drilling through hard rocks and are easy to use and take care of. People like them because they can do many different kinds of drilling.
  1. Komatsu Mining Corp.: This company is always thinking of new ways to make their drillers work better and be more friendly to the environment. Their drillers are really good at drilling through tough rocks and are very safe to use.
  1. Epiroc: They are from Sweden and make drillers that are reliable, efficient, and easy to use. People all over the world use their drillers to dig deep underground.

VII. Conclusion

To drill rocks deep underground, we need special machines that are strong and can work in tough conditions. Jumbo drills and rock drilling machines are important for drilling safely and quickly. Good companies like Fucheng Machinery, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Komatsu Mining Corp., and Epiroc make great underground drilling machines. With the right machines and skills, we can drill rocks well and make mining more successful.

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