Top Underground Mines In Mexico

Mexico is famous in the mining industry based on its mining history of 500 years ago. The world considered it the biggest metal-producing Company. It has many underground mines, including gold, silver, copper, zinc, etc. Furthermore, it has geological importance for the production of these mines.


Based on these features, over 250 private exploration companies have been attracted to Mexico. Most companies have shown interest in the northern states because of their high metal-producing capacities like gold and silver.


This article will discuss top underground mines, mining equipment manufacturers, and underground mining equipment lists. Read on to know the details of each.


Underground Mines List


Because of the geological position and landscape in Mexico, it has various underground mines. Here, we are mentioning a list of mines you can find in Mexico. Mexico is the largest producer of silver, while gold, copper, and zinc are found at the world’s top. Following is the list of underground mines in Mexico.


  • San Julian Project – Silver underground mine
  • Fresnillo Mine – Silver underground mine
  • Santa Elena Mine – Silver underground mine
  • Pinos Altos Mine – Gold underground mine
  • Milpillas Mine – Copper underground mine
  • Velarde Project – Zinc underground mine


So, these are the top underground mines in Mexico. There are various types of underground mining used in these types of mines.


Top 10 Mining Equipment Manufacturers


In the mining industry, there is a need for underground mining equipment to carry out the processes. Various mining equipment manufacturers provide these to the miners to produce this equipment. Following are the top 10 underground mining equipment manufacturers for the miners.


Caterpillar Inc


Caterpillar, located in Illinois, is among the mining equipment companies in the USA. It is at the highest rank having revenues of US$32 billion, accounting for 13.8 percent of the entire value of the ranking. Caterpillar manufactures excavators, wheeled loaders, skid steer loaders, motor graders, backhoe loaders, hauling trucks, and other heavy machinery.


Although most of Caterpillar’s heavy machinery is made in the Midwest, the corporation has entire production operations in China, Brazil, and Russia.


Sany, China


Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the second Chinese firm on the Yellow Table’s top 10. Sany’s revenues were US$16 billion, compared to US$14.4 billion on the previous year’s list. Sany manufactures a broad range of products, but their excavators are particularly well-known.


John Deere, USA


Deere and Company, based in Moline, Illinois, produces agricultural, construction, and forestry gear under the John Deere brand. With sales of $11.3 billion, the corporation is on the list. Deere bought the Wirtgen Group in 2017, propelling it to the top of the table.


Volvo CE, Sweden


Volvo Construction Equipment increased its position on the board thanks to excellent revenues of US$10.7 billion. Like many European companies, Volvo had a significant drop in revenues due to the pandemic and, as predicted, witnessed a significant climb on this year’s list. Volvo CE is a renowned OEM in the field of electric equipment.


Zoomlion, China


Zoomlion fell two spots on the list, with revenues of $10.4 billion. This can be predicted since the firm rose from tenth to fifth place the previous year as the Chinese market expanded as all other markets stagnated, so the slide to seventh place is a bit of a reversal.


Liebherr, Germany


Liebherr’s revenues were $9.4 billion, propelling the business up one position on the list. Liebherr manufactures excavators, cranes, wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, dozers, and drilling rigs, among other things.


Japan, Hitachi, 


Hitachi mining equipment suppliers increased its revenues to US$8.8 billion for the year, up from US$8.5 billion the previous year. Hitachi and John Deere confirmed the termination of their long-running partnership in 2021.


Sandvik, Sweden


Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, with revenues of $7.2 billion, is a start-up company in the leading 10. In keeping with its aggressive growth plan, the corporation plans to purchase 14 businesses in 2021.


Komatsu, Japan


Komatsu is the second-largest worldwide provider of mining and construction equipment, with revenues of $25.3 billion, up from $19.9 billion the previous year. They distributes its goods throughout the globe, but it excels in its native market of Japan.


XCMG, China


Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) is China’s most significant mining equipment supplier and the world’s third largest. XCMG has risen steadily through the ranks recently, with revenues of $18.1 billion in 2021.


Underground Mining Equipment List


There is much underground mining equipment used for mining purposes. Moreover, various mining machinery for sale is present in the market made by the manufacturers discussed before. Here is the Underground mining equipment list for you.


Mining Tools


Devices associated with the processing facilities, train loading, and, lastly, the subterranean consumer;


Exploder: Electric shot shooting is more secure, faster, and more straightforward than traditional explosive shooting by combustion or explosion.


Safety Fuse: A cord-shaped protection fuse is made of a center of perfectly alright explosive covered in layers of adhesive or fabric thread and impermeable coatings.


Rayden: The design is symmetrical, with the postponement component at each end, allowing the explosion wave to go in each way.


Detonating Fuse: In terms of subsurface and the number of holes.


None: Explosives


Detonating Relays: to cause a runaway current


Cord Relays: Produced by IDL chemicals.


Circuit Tester: To check the durability of an electric blasting circuit.


Crimper: To activate a safety fuse by pressing the end of the simple detonator tube.


Shot Firing Cables: Place the ordinary detonator tube’s end on a protective fuse.


Battery Condenser Exploder: To fire up to three rounds at once.


Magneto Exploder: Low tension safe exploder


Condenser Dynamo Exploder: Suitable for circuits with a resistance of 160 ohms.


So, these are the underground mining equipment used in the underground mines.


Complex Underground Equipment


Complex subterranean devices used directly or indirectly in mineral extraction:


  • Longwall machines
  • Continuous miners
  • Roofbolters
  • Shuttle cars
  • Underground Rail
  • Ventilation fans
  • Rock dusters
  • Personnel vehicles
  • Scoops


Surface Mining Equipment


Underground mining equipment is employed directly or indirectly in resource exploitation:


  • Draglines
  • Dozers
  • Shovels
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • Haul Trucks
  • Highwall Miner
  • Blasthole Drills




Various underground mining methods and equipment are used to facilitate the mining industry. We have discussed the underground mining equipment and manufacture to let you know the top quality.

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