How to Mine Gold in Minecraft – Gold Mining in Real World

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Gold is a very precious material, especially for jewelry making. Everyone loves jewelry, and this market is trendy. However, gold comes from the earth, rivers, seas, or beneath the ground. Various techniques are used in gold mining to extract them.

This article mainly discusses how to mine gold from Minecraft in a real-world scenario. In addition, the article talks about various equipment used.

Gold Mining Market Trends


According to industry research biz, the gold mining market was valued at USD 221.15 billion in 2023. Experts hope this value will rise to USD 260.1 billion by 2032. In 2024, hard rock and placer mining are mainly on the rise. These methods are becoming more and more popular this year.

This uprising graph is typically affected by a few factors. In the 2024 forecast, we have seen the use of modern technologies. Note that modern technologies are sustainable and capable of increasing production. Besides, the use of gold for investment and jewelry has also increased. However, other minor factors also affect the gold mining market.


How to Mine Gold in Minecraft in the Real World

Mining is always a challenging job. It needs in-depth research and development. As you know, it has a significant impact on your investment.

Beyond making money, though, mining safety is another critical factor. You can realize that gold mining also needs to be done in a planned way.

How to mine gold in Minecraft in the real world has three main stages: explore, develop, and extract. Each stage needs careful planning and execution.

Exploring Gold Mining

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This stage generally takes 1 to 10 years. The time mainly depends on various factors. For example, what method are you using, what is your expertise, and how challenging the terrain is?

Mining companies invest time, resources, and expertise in many disciplines. This stage is critical. If you can do it right, you can be successful in the future. The most popular fields of study here are geography, geology, chemistry, and engineering.

Once you have gathered all the information, you can model the gold ore in detail. For further research and development, this step is very critical.

Gold Mining Development

Once your model is ready and your team is confident in the project, you can start developing it. This stage usually takes 1 to 5 years, depending on the size of the gold ore.

In this stage, you will also need proper mining planning. Mining safety and the correct route for your people and equipment are noteworthy. Besides, you will need the best solution for power supply and ventilation. Air ventilation is critical, especially for underground mining.

Proper gold mining planning benefits companies in many ways. Overall, it ensures efficient operations and business growth. It also provides safety for the workers.

Gold Extraction Period

The gold extraction period takes 10 to 30 years or more, depending on the quantity of the gold ore. It is usually the production phase of the gold mine. During this time, miners process rocks and ores into Dore bars, semi-pure gold bars.

Gold Mining Techniques: How to Mine Gold in Minecraft

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There are several ways you can collect gold from ores. Each method is suitable for unique situations. However, choosing the correct process is crucial. It directly affects the cost and efficiency of your business.

When choosing the correct method, consider a few factors. First, asses the location and gold ore size. Second, what are the characteristics of geological conditions? Third, are there any water bodies there?

There are two main ways to mine gold, depending on the situation. Gold placer mining works best when it comes to surface mining. However, hard rock mining can be used for underground mines. Sub-surface mining is another name for underground mining.

Gold Placer Mining

As the name suggests, this method extracts gold from placer deposits. A placer deposit refers to the accumulation of gold particles in other media. In this case, you may find gold in sand, gravel, or clay layers.

These deposits may form through various processes. They are primarily found in reverbed areas, stream beds, and other alluvial places. Gold placer mining is suitable mainly for small- to medium-scale gold production.

Gold placer mining is simple, effective, and cost-effective. Again, based on different types of deposits, we can classify placer mining into four types.

Gold Panning

Gold Panning is the simplest and oldest method of placer mining. It first fills a shallow pan with sediment from a placer deposit. Then, it uses water to wash away the lighter materials. The pan continuously swirls, letting the water carry away the sand and gravel.

In the end, the denser particles remain on the plate. Later, you can apply some post-processing techniques to extract the gold particles.

Gold Sluicing

As the name suggests, this method uses a sluice box to separate gold. A sluice box is a long, narrow, rectangular box with riffles along its bottom.

You can put the water-carrying placer material on this sluice box. The riffle will trap the heavier particles and wash away the lighter materials.

Gold Rocker

People also call the gold racker a cradle. It was also an early gold mining tool that combined panning and sluicing elements.

It consists of a box mounted on rockers called a rocker box. This box usually allows rocks to move back and forth. As the water moves, lighter materials move away, and heavier materials remain in the box.

Gold Dredging

As the name suggests, this method uses a dredge to carry the placer material. You can find its use for underwater deposits.

Dredging can vary in size. The process is simple. The dredge hoses carry the sediment from the water bodies, separating the gold.

Hard Rock Mining


Hard rock mining is the extraction of gold encased in rock. This method first tunnels into the solid rock to reach the gold deposit and then extracts using heavy machinery. We will discuss this equipment and vehicles in the later sections.

Hard rock mining has two main types: open pit and underground mining. Both methods deal with hard rocks rather than fragments in loose sediments or alluvial deposits.

Open-pit Gold Mining

This method is a surface mining technique. As the name suggests, mining operations are generally conducted above the surface. This method is often used when the gold is close to the surface and spread over a large area.

This process removes the overburden, soil, and rock above the gold deposit. Then, excavators and dump trucks extract the ore. Using other machinery, these gold ores are further refined. Famous examples are the Bingham Canyon Mine (USA), Mir Mine (Russia), Super Pit Gold Mine (Australia), and more.

Underground Gold Mining

This gold mining method is used when the gold deposit is deep below the surface. First, a tunnel or shaft is created to reach the ore. Then, using underground vehicles, gold ores are carried to the surface.

Underground mining requires more labor and costs. However, it allows you to reach deep mines, which is profitable. Safety considerations are the highest in this type of gold mining method. Famous examples are Grasberg (Indonesia), Cadia Valley (Australia), Olympic Dam (Australia), and more.

Gold Mining Equipment for All Types of Gold Ore Types


As you know, there are several methods of extracting gold. Each technique requires unique gold mining equipment. However, based on the use of the equipment, we can classify them into three categories.

Gold Extraction Equipment

As the name implies, this equipment is used in all processes until the gold ore is extracted. For example, from digging the soil to tunneling, you will need them at every stage.



Excavators are essential for both surface and subsurface mining. They usually dig and remove ore and waste and help load dump trucks.

These powerful machines run on both oil and electricity. Electric excavators are ideal for small tunnels, while diesel excavators are better for large mines.

Jumbo Drill

underground jumbo drill

This equipment is essential for tunneling and underground mining. It drills holes into the rock face to place explosives. The rocks may be gold ore or tunnel stone. However, the explosives break the rock or gold ore for easier extraction.

Scaling Jumbo

This gold mining equipment removes loose rocks from the roofs and walls of the tunnels, a process generally called scaling. Miners usually create underground tunnels using the jumbo drill and scaling jumbos.


Underground Vehicles


Various special vehicles are also used for gold mining. The following are some support equipment for underground gold mining.

Gold Handling Equipment

After extracting the gold ores, this equipment helps collect and carry them. The following three are the most common in underground mines or large pits.

Mining Loader or Scoop Tram

This vehicle is used to load ore into haul trucks or onto conveyors. These robust machines can maneuver in tight underground spaces. The loader or scoop tram size may vary based on tunnel size and production volume.

Mining Trucks

These trucks have different types: articulated, dump, or electric. They transport the ore or rocks from the mine site to the processing area. The payload capacity depends on the production volume.


Conveyors are specialized, automatic machinery. They also move ore from one part of the digging process to another. Typically, they are faster than dump trucks. You can install both horizontally or vertically.

Gold Processing Equipment

Once you have the ore, this equipment helps you handle it. It removes the gold from the other impurities added.

Rocker Box

It is a traditional method. This equipment is suitable for gold placer mining. It uses water and rocking motion to separate gold from the placer.

Sluicing Box

It is also a traditional tool, ideal for gold placer mining. It channels water flow to wash away lighter materials.

Gold Washing Machine

These machines automate the process for larger options. Their main job is to wash and separate gold from the extracted ore. This type of machine is suitable for large-scale mining. You may often find it in both open-pit and underground mining.


Gold mining is challenging work, but modern tech helps make it easy. There are two types of gold mining: placer mining and hard rock mining. Each method requires unique equipment to extract the ore.

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