Top 10 Articulated Dump Truck Manufacturers

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A dump truck is an indispensable piece of equipment used at all times of ground operations. An articulated dump truck is especially suitable for underground mining applications. Its capacity generally ranges from 8 tons to 50 tons. These dump trucks are ideal for carrying loads inside the narrow channels of underground mining. They are designed for transporting materials in off-road conditions. If you are looking for appropriate articulated dump truck manufacturers, this guide can be handy.

After broad research, we have gathered the ten most popular articulated dump truck manufacturers in 2024. Before that, let’s look at the market situation of mining dump trucks in 2024.

Mining Dump Trucks Market Trends 2024

Underground mining dump trucks will have a steady and strong upward trend in 2024. According to the Research Reports World (RRW), this trend will remain favorable through 2032. However, based on Allied Market Research, the mark size of an underground mining truck was valued at $45.5 billion in 2021. According to their research, this market will reach $92.1 billion by 2031. The CAGR rate is expected to be 7.4% from 2022 to 2031.

Geographically, three countries are at the top in manufacturing high-quality mining dump trucks. China is the third largest country manufacturing underground mining equipment. Fucheng LHD is one of China’s top leaders in this case.

The Dominant Articulated Dump Truck Manufacturers in 2024


This section highlights the top 10 articulated dump truck manufacturers. The average capacity that we considered is between 8 tons to 50 tons. Beginning with Caterpillar to Sandvik, each has gained positive feedback from their customers. Their articulated dump trucks are world-class mining equipment.

Brand#1 Caterpillar


Caterpillar Inc. is one of the world’s renowned construction and underground mining truck manufacturers. They also manufacture off-road diesel & natural gas engines, industrial turbines, and diesel-electric vehicles. This company is located at 100 NE Adams St, Peoria, IL, 61629, USA.

CAT articulated dump trucks have a capacity ranging from 26.5 to 45.2 tons. The engines used in these dump trucks have a power range from 335 HP to 597 HP. These machines come with robust structures and various safety features. But compared to their efficiency, these machines are relatively more expensive than other models.

Primary Production

  1. Articulated dump trucks
  2. Asphalt Pavers
  3. Loaders & Dozers
  4. Compactors & Planers
  5. Draglines, drills, shovels, excavators, and more
  6. Spare Parts

Brand#2 Belaz

Belaz is a renowned company headquartered in Belarus, Europe. This company started its journey in 1946. With over 70 years of experience, Belaz is now a successful manufacturer of various construction and mining equipment. They have branches in more than 80 countries in the world.

Belaz articulated dump trucks have a capacity ranging from 32 tons to 90 tons. The engines used in these dump trucks have a power range from 420 HP to 1020 HP. These machines come with a simple design and robust structure. If you are looking for lower tons, like 8 to 20 tons of dump trucks, Belaz is not a suitable option.

Primary Production

  1. Mining dump trucks & cross-country dump trucks
  2. Loaders & bulldozers
  3. Railway freight cars
  4. Garage equipment for mining trucks
  5. Spare parts

Brand#3 Fucheng LHD


Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd started its journey in 2002. Within 20 years, they have gained world-class popularity in manufacturing various mining equipment. They are regarded as the best Chinese dump truck manufacturers in the world. The headquarters is in Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

Fucheng articulated dump trucks have a capacity ranging from 8 tons to 35 tons. The engines used in these vehicles are DEUTZ from Germany and CUMMINS from the USA. Their power ranges from 150 HP to 400 HP. Fucheng dump trucks are strong and durable mining equipment. Compared to other brands, these vehicles are relatively cheap. Their performance on land is also satisfactory (Customer feedback). Compared to the efficiency and price, Fucheng dump trucks are recommended for low-load (8-35 tons) applications.

Primary Production

  1. Underground mining trucks, jumbo drills, scaling jumbo, and mining scoop trams.
  2. Personal career, transport, scissors lifter, arm lifter, oil tank, maintenance, explosive vehicle
  3. Spare parts

Brand#4 Liebherr

Liebherr has over 70 years of experience manufacturing a wide range of products. They are comprised of more than 140 companies in over 50 countries. Their headquarters is in Bulle, Switzerland.

There are three models of articulated dump trucks available in Liebherr production. These dump trucks offer around 30 tons of capacity. The engine power for these three models is 360 HP. The only difference between these models is in their emission stage. However, they do not offer more options for dump trucks.

Primary Production

  1. Wide range of construction & mining equipment
  2. Mobile & crawler, maritime cranes
  3. Aerospace & transport systems
  4. Other equipment, such as refrigerators & freezing, gear technology & automation systems
  5. Spare parts

Brand#5 Komatsu

Komatsu is a Japanese company that was established in 1921. With over 100 years of experience, this company is one of the leading mining truck manufacturers in the world. Their headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.

Komatsu offers two models of articulated dump trucks (30.9 st & 44.1 st). One is equipped with a 332 HP engine, and another with a 473 HO engine. Both are robust and come with necessary safety features. Like Belaz, Komatsu also has limited options for articulated dump trucks.

Primary Production

  1. Underground mining equipment: bolters, rock drills, haulage, loaders, and trucks
  2. Other construction equipment
  3. Forestry: wheeled harvester
  4. Longwall automation, conveyor, and Roof support PRS solutions

Brand#6 Hitachi

Hitachi is also a Japanese company located in Tokyo. They started their journey in 1920. Hitachi Construction Machinery is a part of this giant company. HCM is now regarded as one of the world’s leading articulated dump truck manufacturers.

Hitachi articulated dump trucks come with various options, ranging power from 270 HP to 570 HP. They offer a capacity of 22 to 55 tons. Usually, they come with robust structures with sufficient safety features. Like Caterpillar or Komatsu, Hitachi articulated dump trucks are also expensive.

Primary Production

  1. Construction & mining equipment: Excavators, wheel loaders, trucks, and careers
  2. Spare parts

Brand#7 Volvo

Volvo Construction Equipment has offered its services in more than 140 countries. Like Fucheng and Hitachi, they also specialize in manufacturing high-quality dump trucks. Therefore, they are now one of the world’s leading articulated dump truck manufacturers. Their headquarters are in Volvo Way, Shippensburg, PA, USA.

Volvo articulated dump trucks typically have a capacity from 28 tons to 61 tons. The engines used in these dump trucks have a power range from 315 HP to 630 HP. They almost look like Caterpillar articulated dump trucks. They also offer a good number of options for their customers.

Primary Production

  1. Construction and machinery equipment: Excavators, wheel loaders, articulated trucks, pipelayers, demolition equipment
  2. Electric machines: electric excavators, wheel loaders
  3. Spare Parts

Brand#8 XCMG

XCMG, or Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd, started their journey in 1943. They are a Chinese construction machinery industry. Mining equipment manufacturing is one of their primary services. They also offer some options for articulated dump trucks, especially for mining operations.

XCMG articulated dump truck capacity typically ranges from 30 tons to 41 tons. They gave four primary models of dump trucks with articulated features. Well, the engines used in these dump trucks have a power range from 375 HP to 522 HP. However, if you are looking for lower-capacity articulated dump trucks, XCMG is not a suitable option.

Primary Production

  1. Construction & miningequipment: excavators, pilling, loaders, and tunnel machinery
  2. Post machinery & road machinery
  3. Various mining services

Brand#9 SANY

SANY is a Chinese manufacturing company headquartered in Changsha, China. They started their journey in 1989. With over 30 years of experience, this company has marked itself in the global leaders list. This company primarily focuses on manufacturing various construction & mining equipment. However, they offer a limited option for articulated dump trucks.

SANY articulated dump trucks only come with one model with a capacity of 41 tons. Consequently, the engine power is followed by 522 HP. SANY doesn’t offer multiple options for their customers. However, they ensure this vehicle’s robustness, making it ideal for mining applications.

Primary Production

  1. Mining trucks: Off-road mining trucks, dump trucks, semi-trailer tractors, and light truck
  2. Construction machinery: excavators, cranes, concrete machinery, mining equipment, and more
  3. Wind turbine, batching plant, Reacher stacker, material handler, and more port equipment

Brand#10 Sandvik

Sandvik is a Swedish multinational company. They started their journey in 1862. Since then, the company has developed its production facilities at the international level. Now, Sandvik is one of the world’s most famous mining equipment manufacturing companies.

Sandvik also offers some models of articulated dump trucks. Among these options, Sandvik Toro is widely popular. This model comes with 32 tons of capacity and a 300-365HP engine (DDEC 60). However, their vehicles are relatively expensive compared to other models we discussed above.

Primary Production

  1. Mining equipment: Drill rigs, wheel loaders, trucks
  2. Rock drill spare parts.


Articulated dump trucks and rigid dump trucks are often seen in construction & mining applications. However, articulated dump trucks are often popular in mining applications. The articulation feature typically divides the vehicle into two sections. Conversely, in a rigid structure, only a single chassis can be found without any articulation.

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