Common Types of Mining Equipment

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Mining equipment is an important large-scale machine and equipment for mining mineral resources. It is essential to get appropriate training and knowledge about the mining process, Mining Equipment, and machines for every person related to mining. 

Mining is one of the most challenging and high-risk industries. It is also among the essential industries globally. The mining industry is responsible for providing many materials necessary to carry out day-to-day activities worldwide. 

This article will present a brief and comprehensive guide about the standard mining equipment for our readers. 

Mining equipment and machines

There are several mining equipment types, and each set of mining machines is used explicitly for a particular task. The work’s nature, the mining site’s location, the metals/minerals, etc., decide the type of mining tools. 

Here is a list of some commonly mining equipment in the industry;

  1. Mining Drills
  2. Blasting Tools
  3. Earth Movers
  4. Crushing Equipment
  5. Feeding and conveying equipment
  6. Elemental Analysis Equipment

Let us explain each of these mining machinery in a bit more detail. 

The Mining Drills

Mining Drilling is an essential part of the mining operation. Mining drills are probably the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the term mining equipment. We can confidently say that without mining drills, mining is not possible at all. 

We have to perform underground mining, usually when minerals and rocks are located under the surface of Earth. Usually, these minerals are under hard rock surfaces, which are difficult to penetrate without mining equipment. Mining drills are powerful mining tools that cut through solid rocks. 

Underground mining equipment such as trucks, loaders, and diggers bring the minerals to the top surface. However, the mining drill opens the top surface and provides access to the lower ground for the extraction of minerals. 

Mining equipment has advandtage over the past decade. Hence, the modern mining drills are powerful and capable equipment for mining in the mountains.

Drills assist in creating holes that penetrate the solid ground surface. Thus, exercises offer an entry point for the miners. Directional drilling is another type where miners use tools and specialized equipment to drill wells. 

mining equipmentBlasting tools 

Blasting tools are another extremely essential part of mining equipment. These types of mining tools utilize a specific and calculated amount of explosives to fracture solid rocks. Hence, they provide an entrance to the mining crew. 

Blasting removes any giant rocks that prevent the crew from accessing the minerals. Blasting tools break down more enormous stones, and experts can extract required minerals from the debris. Otherwise, blasting breaks down the air pockets and hurdles in the way of mining.

Drilling is more calculated and organized. However, blasting is more cost-effective and doesn’t require heavy mining machinery. The shot is sometimes used to clear some rocks that are stuck after drilling is done. 

After the blasting process is finished, an excavator recovers the blasted rocks and other debris that has been dislodged. The broken stones are then conveyed via a central conveying system that directly takes them to the surface. 

Blasting the mining equipment is the most dangerous part. Because it can be hazardous, the explosion is not totally under the control of the mining crew. 

Controlled and sound blasting systems are essential for successful mining since poor blasting systems can cause extreme caving and delay in the mining process. 

mining equipmentEarth Movers

Earth Movers are important in above-ground mining. These machines are used for digging and transporting the Earth. Earth movers help the crew move a large amount of soil and Earth from one place to another. Hence, this mining machinery can speed up the process.

Earth movers are the backbone of mining equipment, and the industry would cripple without these miner tools. These mining tools work alongside bulldozers. Bulldozers level the rocky surface, and Earthmovers transport the soil and Earth. Hence, a similar working mechanism is in a dust lifter and broom. 

Earth movers clear the debris by removing the overburdening and waste material. Subsequently, it allows the excavators to isolate the required minerals. Bulldozers clear space by removing large rocks, and Earthmovers remove soil and unwanted Earth at the mining site. 

Crushing equipment 

It is pretty evident from the name of this mining equipment that it involves a lot of crushing. Crushing equipment among mining machines is another essential part. It crushes hard rocks and stones at the mining location. Hence, it aids the miners and turns large rocks that hinder their way into small removable stones. 

Miners can’t move large rocks aside. These rocks also do not let the miners work. Hence, crushing equipment acts like gravel, turning these rocks into small, moveable particles. 

Crushing equipment also helps the mining companies to reduce the price of moving larger rocks out of the way. Smaller particles are easier and less expensive to get out of the way. Hence, crushing equipment is crucial for mining because it speeds up the mining process and helps cut the cost of the mining phenomenon. 


Sometimes referred to as mining shovels, the current excavators have evolved from the original steam shovel design used in recent years. Models now often use hydraulics to move the shovel to drive through hard materials. 

In general, hydraulic mining shovels have similarities in their designs. Most have a tracked or wheeled base on which the swivel cab sits. A pivoting arm supports the loader, which the operator operates inside the cab. The rotating action allows the operator to reach the material in a circle around the blade without significant movement.

Big mining trucks

To move materials on a mine site, workers need heavy trucks. Also known as off-road trucks, large mining trucks include high-performance mechanical and environmentally-friendly electric models.

Unlike traditional trucks, these mining vehicles are fitted with extra-wide tires to haul the heavy loads over the rough terrain commonly found around surface mines.

Additionally, these trucks can carry high payload capacities to meet the need to haul heavy mined minerals or off-site ore. Giant mining trucks must work in extreme cold, heat, heavy dust, high altitude, and steep slopes when transporting heavy loads.

Motor Graders

Mining equipment: Motor Graders

Mines rarely have direct access to roads. Even near significant thoroughfares, roads must be built in the area to move materials and transport mining products. Graders are used for surface operations near mines to create and maintain these roads.

When transporting minerals, ores, or other mined materials along roads, things like debris or puddles can slow down vehicles. Motor graders provide the necessary leveling and drainage of highways. However, they maintain the integrity of the roads. Graders move materials in and out of the mining area. Hence, they play a vital role in ensuring the efficiency of mining operations.

Wheel Tractor Scrapers

Tire scrapers have a similar design to motor graders. However, scrapers usually have a tray attached that collects material that has been removed from the soil surface rather than pushing it aside as a grader does.

The operator uses the cab’s controls to lower the bucket to operate the scraper. On the ground, the edge of the bucket scrapes the ground material, which is fed directly into the bucket. In the landfill, the bucket tilts and opens at the back to empty the scoured debris. Once filled, a vertical valve holds the material in the bucket, preventing it from spilling out during transport.

Industry-leading mining equipment 

Are you looking to set foot in the mining industry? Remember, your mining equipment makes all the difference there is. You can’t switch or upgrade it after a few weeks if you are unsatisfied with it. Hence, it is recommended to invest in high-quality products. These products will hold up their value because;

· You will not have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. But,The mining costs also decrease in terms of fuel consumption

· Better mining equipment means better mining and better productivity 

Fucheng underground mining equipment manufacturer is one of the best mining equipment manufacturers currently. There are several mining equipment makers. Hence to stand out, you have to produce durable and robust machines. 

Following is a list of the top-selling mining equipment at Fucheng underground mining equipment manufacturer.

FC10-1BCD Underground Drill Rigs

Underground Drill Rigs
Underground Drill Rigs


Model: FC10-1BCD

Overall size (L×W×H): 7850×920×1750 mm

Section (W×H): 2×2~3.5×3.5 m

Drilling speed: 0.8~2 m/min

Drill pipe length: 3050 mm

This drill is built to last. It can speed up your mining process and is perfect for tunneling constructions in mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc.

Mining equipment: Scaling jumbo FCQM-45-450

Model: FCQM-45-450

Overall size (L×W×H): 5042*1600*1850mm

Max. scaling height: 6000mm

The scaling jumbo mining machinery mixes well with the practical, robust and excellent mining drill from Fucheng. 

Mining equipment: Underground Dump Truck FYKC-12

Model: FYKC-12

Bucket volume: 6 m3

Rated capacity: 12 ton

Dimensions: 7366*1900*2300mm

Fucheng underground mining trucks are designed to safely, efficiently, and reliably transport rock material in extreme conditions. The underground trucks are rugged, compact, and powerful, offering payloads from 15 to 60 tons and operating at a low cost per tonne.


Mining equipment has become the backbone and necessity of the mining industry. When running a mining company, you should learn about the commonly used mining tools and make an informed decision when purchasing underground mining equipment. 

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