Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd

was established in 2002. We are a professional underground mining equipment manufacturer. Fucheng focus on underground machine for nearly 20 years. Rich underground equipment for sale experience and professional follow-up are our advantages.

Fucheng is an underground mining equipment manufacturer. We own advanced R&D technology, sophisticate technical team and abundant experience.
We focus on the manufacture, trading, maintenance and service of underground mining equipment. We not only have a strong and professional technical research and development team.
Fucheng can design and manufacture underground mining equipment according to customer requirements. We focus on continuous innovation to make our underground mining machinery more efficient. Fucheng provide high-quality underground machines and professional technical training for our customers. 
At the same time, we supply import and export service for domestic & abroad customers. Our underground mining equipments list:
  • Underground Loader: 0.6 cbm – 6 cbm
  • Underground Truck: 8 tons – 35 tons
  • Jumbo Drill Machine(Face Drilling Rig): 4 m2 – 50 m2
  • Scaling Jumbo: 4 m2 – 50 m2
  • LHD Machine In Mining(load haul dumper)
  • Underground Mining Machinery
  • Underground Machine
Fucheng lhd has passed ISO9001 quality management and CE certificate. Our clients come from Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Russia etc. Especially our lhd machine in mining is very popular. As an underground equipment manufacturer, we have always put the needs of our customers first.  Fucheng promises to provide you with high-quality underground mining machinery.

Underground Mining Machinery

Fucheng underground mining equipment manufacturer use DEUTZ or CUMMINS engine to supply power. Some engines are air cooling and some engines are water cooling. We use Canada Purification device of platinum catalyst muffler purifier. They can do low emissions and low pollution. We use DANA or Kessler axle and use DANA transmission and converter in some equipment. Most of hydraulic pumps and valves are Parker and we use SAHR brake system. (Spring applied hydraulic released). Also we could install auto lubrication and fire extinguish system. For details, you can check our underground mining equipment list.

Fucheng is professional underground machine manufacturer. We have our own factory.  So we could supply factory base price. We have long-term cooperation with the brand engine supplier, like DEUTZ, CUMMINS, BENZ, DANA, KESSLER.  Fucheng can offer you the competitive cost price.
For LHD machines in mining, we always use DEUTZ engine, DANA transmission, converter and axle and use China brand for other parts. So the quality is reliable and the price is more competitive.

Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd has professional sales team. All staff can write, read and speak English very well. We could reply you the inquiry and question at any time by email, WhatApp or cell phone, even at night or on weekend.Also we supply good after-sale service. When the equipment is shipped, we supply the operational manual and parts manual. If the customer has question about equipment, we could supply on-line services or training. Even if customer could not solve the problem, we could also send our engineer to the customer’s country to help.

The underground machine could be shipped by sea. They are always packed in 20” or 40” container. The shipping port could be Qingdao, Shanghai or other China ports. We have freight forwarder and they could handle all the process during shipment. Most of our long-term clients are in Latin America, like Peru, Chile, Mexico and so on. We could offer FOB, CIF or CFR price.

Sea Shipping

  • Arrives in your preferred port in 10-30 days , usually 30days to Peru for example
  • You will pick up the packs in the port
  • Also have to pay for import fees and handling fees when you pick up the goods

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