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Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic pump is a device that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. It includes driving device, hydraulic pump body, hydraulic valve, etc. The working principle of the hydraulic pump is as follows:
1. The driving device (such as a motor) provides a rotational force to the pump body, causing the hydraulic oil in the pump body to start rotating.
2. In the pump body, due to the effect of rotation force, the hydraulic oil enters the suction port of the pump. And it flows along the rotation direction of the pump body.
3. When the hydraulic oil flows, the sealing oil chamber in the pump body will gradually shrink, thereby increasing the pressure of the hydraulic oil.
4. When the pressure of the hydraulic oil exceeds the pressure at the outlet of the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic oil is pushed out of the pump body and enters the hydraulic system.
5. After entering the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil will be controlled through the hydraulic valve to achieve the corresponding actions of the hydraulic system.
In summary, the hydraulic pump drives the flow of hydraulic oil through rotation and pushes it into the hydraulic system by increasing the pressure of the hydraulic oil, thereby achieving power transmission and control of the hydraulic system.
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