How To Select The Best Underground Drill rigs

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There are many types of underground mining equipment, such as Underground Jumbo Drill and Underground Scaling Jumbo. Underground Mining Trucks and Underground Mining Loader are also relatively crucial underground mining equipment. Consequently, Today, we are talking about the underground drilling machine.
There are different types of underground drill rigs. Therefore, choosing the underground drilling machine depends on your engineering needs.

What is the underground drilling machine?


We can also call the underground drilling machine a drilling rig. It plays an essential role in underground mineral exploration. Now we learn about the work process of the underground drilling machine.
So, before choosing an underground pipe drilling machine, it’s crucial to understand how it works. I found a video for you about how the jumbo drill machine works.

So, in which projects can underground drilling machines be used? First, small underground drill rigs can extract mineral samples from underground deposits. When you are not sure whether the minerals of this project can be mined, it is the correct choice to look at the mineral samples first. In addition, underground drilling machines can also be used in surveying rock conditions. Today we focus on the application of underground drill rigs in underground mining operations.

How to choose underground drill rigs?

The best way to buy a underground drill rigs is to go to the mining drilling rig manufacturers. Fucheng is a professional underground mining equipment manufacturer. Can choose the best mining drilling equipment for you.

1. Choose a durable underground drill rigs

How to choose an underground drilling machine? We first need to determine what the underground drill rigs are for. In addition, the terrain in which the underground drilling machine operates is an essential consideration. The landscape is different, and so is the type of underground drill rigs to choose. The more common machine models are rotary drilling rigs, impact drilling rigs, down-the-hole drilling rigs, top hammer drilling rigs, etc.

As we all know, the price of an underground drill rig is very high. Therefore, we must make the best procurement plan in order to select an underground drill rig with the highest cost performance. The first thing to consider is how often the underground drill is used. Do you use the underground drill several times a year, or do you need to use it every month? Since underground mining operations generally last several years, we must fully consider the durability of the underground drill.

2. Choose the multi-application of underground drill rig

Drilling rigs can be used in various engineering fields. We can use a jumbo drill rig for mineral sampling operations in surface mineral extraction operations. In places where water is scarce, we can use drilling rigs to dig wells to get water. Drilling rigs also play an important role in the extraction of oil and other important mineral resources. In addition, there is a situation where we can use the drilling rig. That is, during the construction of the foundation of the building, we use an underground rock drilling machine to make holes.
In summary, there are many applications for underground rock drilling machines. Of course, the main role of the jumbo drill rig is in the process of underground mineral mining.

3. The working terrain of the underground drill rig

Different mineral resources have different requirements for the type of jumbo drill rig. Drilling methods include rotary drilling, impact drilling, and top hammer drilling. Before choosing to drill, you need to fully understand the topography of the mineral. Choose the appropriate drilling rig type according to the terrain characteristics.

4. Choosing the Right Rig Engine System

There are two ways that our common jumbo drill machine moves forward. The first is to install tracks on the drilling rig, which uses its own engine system to move forward. Another way is that the drilling rig itself has no power system and relies on a trailer to power the jumbo drill rig. These two methods have their own advantages and should be selected according to actual needs.

Top 5 underground drill rigs for you


1. FC10-1BCD Underground Drill Rigs

This Underground Drill Rigs works very efficiently. The engine system of this rig is hydraulically driven. It can advance from 0.8 meters to 2 meters per minute. The biggest advantage of this jumbo drill machine is the automatic system. At the end of the work, it can automatically stop. The rig also automatically cleans the body of dirt. The weight of this rig is 6500 kg, which is a small and medium-sized rig, so climbing is easy. The engine power source is a mixture of electric and diesel. This design saves energy and avoids the problem of power replenishment.

OVERALL SIZE (L*W*H) 7850 * 920 * 1750 MM      

2. FC20-2BCD Underground Jumbo Drill

Because the engine power of these Underground Drill Rigs is 30 KW, it can move freely on larger slopes. Secondly, the running speed of these underground mining drilling machines is 2.5 km/h, which greatly improves the work rate. In short, this drilling rig can greatly improve the work efficiency. Plus, this rig has a minimum turning radius of 4.5 meters. So even in a small underground mining space, it can move flexibly.

Overall size (L×W×H) 8240×1290×2450 mm
Hole diameter Φ33 ~Φ102 mm
Drill pipe length 3050 mm
Hole depth 2.7 m
Drilling speed 0.8~2 m/min
Section (W×H) 2.5×2.5~5.5×4.5 m
Climbing capability (smooth-riding surface) 25%
Total weight ≈8500 kg

3. FC20-2BD Underground Jumbo Drill

This drilling rig’s length, width, and height are 83.50×12.90×24.50 m. This is a relatively large drilling rig, suitable for relatively large underground mining operations. The drilling speed we designed is 0.8 to 2 m/min. This Underground Drill Rigs’s boom can be raised up to 55 degrees and down by 16 degrees. The magnitude of this up and down movement is fully in line with international standards. If you want to get complete drilling rig-related data, you can click the picture link to get the most complete data.

size (L×W×H) 8350×1290×2450 mm
Hole diameter Φ33~Φ102 mm
Drill pipe length 3050 mm
Hole depth 2.7 m
Drilling speed 0.8~2 m/min
Section (W×H) 2.5×2.5~5.5×4.5 m
Climbing capability ( smooth-riding surface) 25%
Total weight ≈8500 kg

4. FC10-1BDG Jumbo Drill for Railway Engineering& Underground Mining


This Jumbo Drill for Railway Engineering & Underground Mining is excellent. Let’s focus on its boost system. The pitching is done105° and up15°. The Underground Drill Rigs has a total body length of 41.5 meters. It can achieve a drilling depth of up to 27 meters. The max propulsion of the underground mining drilling machines are 9000 N. So, no matter the terrain, this rig will do the job well. It has a forward speed of 0.85 Km/h and can carry out mining work of 20.4 meters per day. In this way, the engineering time can be shortened to a great extent. These underground drill rigs have a minimum turning radius of 6 meters. Even in tight spaces, this rig does a good turn-around job.

Overall size (L×W×H) 7500×920×2023 mm
Hole diameter Φ33~φ102 mm
Drill pipe length 3050 mm
Hole depth 2.7 m
Drilling speed 0.8-2 m/min
Section (W×H) 2×2~3.5×3.5 m
Total power 32.2 KW
Total weight ~6000 Kg

5. FC30-1BD Underground Drilling Machine

This is a relatively large underground drill rigs. Its total weight reaches 12 tons. This weight can be counted as a relatively large underground mining machine in underground mining operations. In other words, If your project is a relatively large underground mine and requires such a large machine, you can choose this Underground Drill Rigs. We looked at her like a giant spider. Its ability to work is pretty cool. The model of the hydraulic rock drill is HYD300. Impacting oil pressure is 13~16 Mpa. The rotation speed of hydraulic rock drill is 200-300 r/min. Most importantly, We know that data alone is not enough to understand the full performance of underground drill rigs. Click on the picture and you can get more detailed information.


Overall size (L × W × H) 10300×1400×2600 mm
Hole diameter φ33~φ102 mm
Drill pipe length 3850 mm
Hole depth 3500 mm
Drilling speed 0.8~2 m/min
Section (b × h) 2.5×2.5~6×6.5 m
Electric motor at such power 55+2.2+7.5 kW
Internal combustion engine power None kW
Total weight 12 t


We know that choosing the right Underground Drill Rigs is not an easy task. Because the cost of a drilling rig is very high, we must choose carefully before purchasing. Maybe you generally choose some big brand underground mining drilling machines like sandvik underground drill rigs.

However, sometimes you can consider a different factory. For example, we are Fucheng, one of China’s largest underground mining equipment manufacturers. In recent decades, China’s industry has risen rapidly, and product research and development capabilities have continued to improve. In the manufacture of underground production equipment, we learn advanced experience in Germany.

Most importantly, a very large improvement has been made in the power system and braking system of the underground production equipment.

The types of jumbo mining machine include Underground Jumbo Drill, Scaling Jumbo, Mining Loader and Underground Mining Trucks. In other words, We have a very complete marine transportation solution for underground pipe drilling machines. Finally, if you will believe us, it will be a very pleasant experience working together.

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