R1700G Underground Mining Loader vs Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D

Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-4D

Vehicles and equipment used for underground mining are vital for overall production. The main thing they do is make it easier to get rich minerals and ores from the ground. In this case, the underground mining loader is one of the most important pieces of gear. When it comes to underground mining loaders, two names stand out. One is Fucheng FCYJ – 4D, and the other is Caterpillar R1700G Underground Mining Loader.

FCYJ-4D is the preferred choice when comparing these two models. Caterpillar R1700G is known for its sturdy construction and powerful engine. But they are expensive and less efficient than Fucheng FCYJ-4D. This article will focus on the key factors that decide their suitability. Okay, let’s begin.

Overview of R1700G Underground Mining Loader


Caterpillar Inc. is a well-known leader in making large machinery. The R1700G underground mining loader is one of their famous creations. It is a robust and dependable option that works well in harsh underground mining conditions.

The R1700G Underground Mining Loader has a lot of different specs and features. It often has a robust Cat C13 engine. This engine can produce high torque and works well even when a high load is on it.

The R1700G Underground Mining loader is famous for its robust design and performance. It has a rated capacity of 13 tons. The engine power is 242/263 kW, which produces a rotation speed of 1800 RPM. With this capacity, Cat R1700G ensures efficient material handling in various mining conditions.


The Caterpillar R1700G Underground Mining Loader can be used for numerous applications. They are used to load, haul, and dump waste and ore in many situations. They also offer an operator area that is comfortable and easy to use. It usually comes with all the controls you need. Overall, the cabin makes working long shifts underground more comfortable and productive.

The Caterpillar R1700G offers reliable options, but it costs more. Other choices, such as the Fucheng FCYJ-4D, have similar features and are more affordable. Also, its smallest bucket size is 4.6 m3, so it might not be ideal for small to medium-sized mining jobs.

Overview of Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D

Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-4D

The diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D is a notable creation of Fucheng. Fucheng is one of the biggest companies that makes LHD vehicles. In Shandong, China, they have their main office.

Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D is a notable competitor of Cat R1700G. FCYJ-4D also offers high-quality engines, a safe cabin for the operator, and the latest tech for controlling. These underground scoop trams are also versatile. You can use it in various situations, such as construction, mining, or even compact areas.

The rated capacity of FCYJ-4D is 8 tons. It has an engine power of 190 KW, producing rotation speeds up to 2300 RPM. The overall operating weight of this equipment is 25.5 tons.

There is a convenient-sized bucket on the FCYJ-4D. It’s good at moving things around efficiently. You can use it for small or medium-sized jobs. By comparing its features and specs to those of other LHD vehicles, the FCYJ-4D is a good value.


The Fucheng FCYJ-4D has the newest technology, even though it is affordable. It makes operations run more smoothly. The safety cabin also ensures the operator is safe and comfortable during long work hours.

Overall, the FCYJ-4D is an excellent alternative for CAT R41700G. Most importantly, you can get all the features and a cost-effective solution in Fucheng vehicles.

R1700G Underground Mining Loader vs Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D

The Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-4D and the R1700G underground mining loader are prevalent for the same uses. There are features on this equipment that are meant to make it safer, more efficient, and last longer.

In general, FCYJ-4D is recommended for use in deep mines. It can handle medium to small underground tunnels because of its compact size and total capacity. Besides, they are also good value for money. Let’s look at the following table to learn how they are different.

Aspects CAT R1700G FUCHENG YCYJ – 4D
Manufacturer Caterpillar Fucheng LHD
Bucket Capacity 4.6 – 8.8 m³ 4 m³
Bucket Type Various Types Available Standard Bucket
Rated Capacity 13 tons 8 tons
Engine Power 242/263 KW / 1800 RPM 190 KW & 2300 RPM
Operating Weight 42.5 tons 25.5 tons
Transmission Type Shift Transmission Shift Transmission
Control System Standard Control System Advanced Control System
Suitability Ideal for large-scale mining operations Suitable for medium to small-scale projects
Applications Underground mining, tunnelling, and heavy-duty hauling Underground mining, medium or small-scale excavation, construction


R1700G Underground Mining Loader vs Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D: Bucket Capacity

When looking at bucket sizes, the diesel scooptram FCYJ-4D usually has a 4 m³ capacity. On the other hand, the Cat R1700G underground mine loader can hold up to 8.8m³, which is more.

This means the Cat R1700G can be used for medium- to large-scale hauling and loading jobs. But Diesel scoop tram FCYJ-4D works great for small to medium-sized LHD jobs.

The difference in bucket sizes between the two models affects efficiency and output.

The FCYJ-4D’s benefit is that it can be used for smaller-scale activities. It values efficiency and manoeuvrability more than sheer bulk. That is why it is an excellent choice for people who want to do focused extraction. This eventually raises productivity and operational efficiency.

R1700G Underground Mining Loader vs. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D: Design & Structure

Two models, R1700G and FCYJ-4D, have a lot in common. First, they both exhibit robust construction. These loaders are made of very strong and high-quality materials. This means that these loaders can handle the rough conditions in deep mines.

All the safety features and control tools you need are in the cabin of both loaders. It’s easier to use and safer because it’s designed to be practical.

Also, both CAT R1700G and FCYJ-4D have articulated features. This means that both loaders are designed to be easy to move around. Because of this, they make it easy to move through mines with limited space.

R1700G Underground Mining Loader vs Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D: Performance

Several things come into play when you talk about their performance. Indeed, each does have its unique pros and cons.

First, regarding speed, the FCYJ – 4D generally outperforms the R1700G. This makes FCYJ-4D suitable for operations requiring swift movement.

Secondly, the R1700G has more power. Most of the time, it helps when carrying heavy loads.

The FCYJ-4D and the R1700G are both very productive and efficient, but they do so in different ways.

Regarding mining conditions, FCYJ-4D works well for small to medium-sized mining tunnels. Yes, they are good for these places because they are quick and agile. When it comes to bigger mining sites, the Cat R1700G really impresses.

R1700G Underground Mining Loader vs Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D: Efficiency

Three things come into play when you compare how efficient they are generally. These are how much fuel it uses, how much it costs to run, and how much care it needs.

Firstly, regarding fuel efficiency and operational costs, FCYJ-4D outperforms the R1700G. It consumes less fuel. As a result, it requires lower operational expenses over time.

Second, compared to the R1700G, the FCYJ-4D has a simpler design and construction. In a technical sense, this reduces the need for upkeep and downtime.

Keep in mind that FCYJ-4D spare parts are easy to find. So, we can say that the diesel scooptram FCYJ-4D is more reliable than the Cat R1700G.

R1700G Underground Mining Loader vs Diesel Scooptram FCYJ – 4D: Cost-Effectiveness

You can compare the cost-effectiveness of Cat R1700G and FCYJ-4D in two ways. These are the start-up costs and the total cost of ownership (TCO). It usually includes operating costs, maintenance costs, and fuel use.

The FCYJ-4D diesel scooptram costs less to buy and runs over time than the R1700G. So, we can see that FCYJ-4D is a good choice from an economic point of view.

How to choose the best Underground Mining Loader?

You must select the right scoop tram for your project for two reasons.

First, the safety of the miners is the most important thing in any mining activity. Because of this, you must choose the best LHD with the highest safety features. You should also check whether it can help lower the risk of harm and accidents.

Second, productivity & operating expenses are also crucial in mining activity. Your chosen equipment’s efficiency generally drives these two factors. Your project needs a scoop tram that can always and effectively do its job.

So, remember the following things when selecting an underground mining loader.

Safety Features

First and foremost, prioritize loaders with safety features. You can check for safe cabins and ergonomic designs. It typically improves worker’s safety. In addition, it also reduces the risk of accidents.

Equipment Efficiency

Check how fast the scoop tram goes, how much it can carry, and how much fuel it uses. Do you think it fits your needs? Pick the right spec. So, you can ensure that efficiency and cost-effectiveness are at their best.


You should also check the durability and reliability of the loader. It generally determines the scoop tram’s expected life span.


Evaluate the total cost of ownership. You can consider the purchase price, maintenance costs, fuel consumption and resale value.

Brand Reputation

Finally, check the customer response on third-party websites. This reasonably ensures long-term satisfaction with the chosen loader.


Cat R1700G underground mining loader and Fucheng FCYJ-4D are both better at what they do. FCYJ-4D is usually better for total productivity and fuel efficiency, though. On top of that, it is cheaper for different mining uses.

CatR1700G might be a good choice for larger-scale mining tasks. On the other hand, the Fucheng FCYJ-4D might be better for middle to small-scale production.

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