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Underground Jumbo Drill

Drilling jumbo is mainly used to drill blast holes for tunneling constructions in mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc. The jumbo drill machine is powered by electric and diesel engines for running, thereby improving working efficiency and quality.

What is an underground jumbo drill machine?
The drilling jumbo machine consists of one, two, or three rock drilling vehicles. Sometimes it is a platform where miners stand on the platform to load explosives, clean the tunnel surface, or other. The carriage of the underground jumbo drill machine is bolted to the chassis, which also supports the miner’s cabin and, of course, the engine. Modern drilling giants are relatively large, but there are also smaller ones used in narrow conditions.
Fucheng's underground jumbo drill service
The underground jumbo drill rigs from FUCHENG are used for blast hole drilling in underground mining and tunneling. The jumbo drill machine is equipped with up to four booms, covering cross sections from 6 m2 to 206 m2. We offer underground jumbo drill rigs with our reliable Direct Control System, DCS, or the computerized Rig Control System, RCS, to which different levels of automation may be added. An extensive range of jumbo drills is available, from 16 kW to 40 kW of impact power. Several models of the underground jumbo are available with an optional zero-emission battery-electric driveline.
Principle of the underground jumbo drill machine
The primary purpose of underground jumbo mining is to drill a deep hole in the mining rock wall. The jumbo drill machine drills these holes for blasting or cleaning tunnels. In this case, jumbo drill machine mining uses a variety of different rock drilling techniques.
Fucheng’s underground jumbo drill machine has a bore diameter of 33 to 102 mm and 2.7 meters. These jumbo underground mining are suitable for all underground drilling operations. These vehicles are sturdy and durable.
The jumbo machine mining consists of single, double, or three rock drills, some with hanging baskets. The operator stands on the gondola, loads the explosives into the holes, and cleans the working surface of the tunnel.
Types of Underground Jumbo Drills
Depending on the various circumstances, Underground Jumbo drills have different types and capabilities. There are four types of Underground jumbo drills are available in the mining industry considering the number of drilling boom.

Single boom jumbos

  • There is just one boom drilling device on the single boom Jumbos. Drilling jumbos of this kind are often low-profile machines with a structured design.
  • The single boom jumbo, also known as the single-arm underground drilling jumbo, is primarily used in mining, metalworking, water and power, railway, and highway engineering tunneling projects.
  • It operates on the tunnel’s face, roof, sides, and floor.
  • Furthermore, the single boom jumbo can drill the blast hole and the bolt hole with ease.

Double boom Jumbos

  • Double boom jumbos have two boom drilling mechanisms that can be operated at the same time. Fucheng FC20 – 2BCD and FC20-2BDare the perfect examples of this kind.
  • These drilling jumbos had a comparatively higher profile than the single boom jumbo drills.
  • These Jumbo are also applicable in mining, metalworking, water and power, railway, and highway engineering tunneling projects

Double boom Jumbos with a basket

  • In these types of drilling, jumbos contain a basket bolted with the chassis of the vehicle. The miner can stand on this basket and fill up the holes for blasting.
  • This basket can move in a specific range denoted by the manufacturers.

Triple Boom Jumbos

  • Like single and double boom drilling jumbos, these types of jumbos also have multiple booms for drilling.
  • These types of jumbos can also have a basket attached with the chassis for the miners.
  • Triple boom jumbos are famous for large-scale mining operations.
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