Top 10 underground mining equipment manufacturers


Underground mining plays a vital role in our lives. In other words, underground mining is a gift to today’s human beings. Many natural resources like Cooper, nickel, and iron are only extracted from the earth’s core with the help of mining work. While working on mining, one must have all the knowledge of mining. Though this is the thing that is very much important, we cannot ignore the value of mining equipment manufacturers. Many mining equipment manufacturers are available in the market, delivering the best services. It is the thing which makes it difficult for people to choose the best one. If you are looking for the same, then the above post will be very beneficial for you, as here in this post, we will share the top 10 underground mining equipment manufacturers. So, let’s have a look at the information below:


When you are looking for large equipment, they are one of the best equipment manufacturers. You can check out their official website to better understand their equipment. If you are unaware of their native language, you can also change their language from their website settings. They have reached all across the World with their brilliant services. They are known for their underground excavator technology.

From their advanced machines, they have excellent reviews from their clients. Being one of the most extensive mining equipment, they improve their services and assure that their clients will always receive the best one from them.


Sandvik is all famous due to its heavy lhd machines. They have been well-known for the last 150 years and are one of the top-rated mining equipment suppliers. They deal in best-in-class steel products, and today they have a great name in the development of machinery. You can explore their fantastic range of equipment mining solutions from their official website. They also offer on-site equipment training and excellent customer care support. In this case, if you are getting any issues related to handling your mining equipment, then from their fantastic customer support, you can easily manage all your problems.

Fucheng LHD



The owners at Fucheng LHD have historical experience in mining equipment. They are technical experts and ensure their clients have all the technical knowledge about their products. Moreover, they will be the best mining machinery manufacturers for you when looking for cost-effective equipment. To get more information, you can check out the underground mining equipment list for a better idea. 

The underground mining equipment by Fucheng LHD is all made for the extraction of copper, nickel, silver, and even for gold. They are professional training and after-sales maintenance service provider. 


Komatsu has been in Australia’s mining equipment manufacturers business since 1921. In other words, they have been in the business of mining since 1921. While manufacturing their equipment, they ensure that they focus on equipment safety. Moreover, they also focus on the quality of the products and ensure that their clients will receive quality and safe products from them. Besides being famous for the mining equipment, they are also known for the construction equipment. 


You will be in love with their fantastic range of mining equipment. Whether you are searching for surface mining equipment or underground mining equipment, then they are the best option for you. They deal in high-tech engineering equipment, and it is the thing that makes them underground mining equipment manufacturers. They are the best option for long-term customers.


GHH started their business in 1782. And today, they have an excellent name for mining equipment manufacturers. They are the ones who also focus on safe mining equipment. It means while you are using their mining equipment, there will be no issues related to safety. Besides this, they also focus on the environment while making their products. 

Fibo Intercon

Like other mining equipment manufacturers, they are also among those who have to spend around 70 years in mining equipment development. Their main priority is to deliver quality services to their clients. The underground excavators are their primary product. When searching for mining equipment for mining and tunneling, choosing Fibo Intercon is the best option. 

Hitachi Ltd

Hitachi is a Japanese mining equipment manufacturer. They are the ones who are famous for their marketing, sales, and construction of mining equipment. Their fantastic range of large-scale mining equipment includes dump trucks, compaction equipment, recycle machines, and many more. 

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco was founded in 1873 and is famous for industrial equipment and related tools. Their major equipment includes air compressors, vacuum solutions, rock extraction equipment, and many more. They have recorded significant revenue in the past few years. 

Caterpillar Inc

Choose Caterpillar for a reliable mining equipment service. They are famous for their next-generation and quality mining products. In the past few years, they have broken all the records in mining equipment manufacturing. 

But their performance has an impact due to the Covid outbreak.


With the viable option for mining equipment, Putzmeister is in the 10th position on our list of largest mining equipment suppliers. They deal in delivering top-class and quality products in the mining industry. Here you will meet a team with intensive knowledge about concrete pumping.


At last, we hope that the above information will be very beneficial for you when you are looking for mining equipment manufacturers in Australia. Now, the thing is, who makes the best mining equipment? According to our study and research, choosing Fucheng LHD is the best. They not only deal in advanced mining equipment but from them, you can also purchase products at a significantly discounted price. So, if saving money is your primary priority, Fucheng LHD is your best option. 


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