Best ways to ship Underground Mining Equipment from China

underground mining technology

Surface mining techniques cannot extract several minerals. There are many kinds of underground minerals. The underground mining process is complex and requires different equipment that is either not easy to find or too expensive.

Shipping underground mining equipment from China is the best bet to make this process less expensive and doable. We will provide quality equipment at competitive prices.

The Common Types of Underground Mining Equipment

underground mining equipment

Before starting the shipment process from China, one should know the different types of equipment used in underground mining. Here are some of the common equipment work in the Underground Mining.

Mining Drills

Drilling is a key part of the mining process, whether underground or aboveground. The mining drill, is the Jumbo Drill machine, is an integral part of underground mining machinery. The jumbo drill rig can create entrance/mine shafts so the miners can enter or hole drilling for explosives.

Mining drills also save labor costs by removing all the manual drilling, making it cost-effective in the underground mining equipment list.

Crane Lifters

Crane lifters are generally versatile equipment when it comes to drilling. However, it becomes effective when using it for underground mining. Crane Lifters are effective in moving explosives, carrying heavy loads, and other small mining equipment.

Large Wheel Loaders

Loading and moving extracted material across the mining field to its destination is the task best suited for large wheel loaders. These loaders come in various sizes, making it easy to pick according to the mining capacity. However, the larger the wheel loader will be, the more weight it would be able to carry.

The effectiveness of underground mining loaders makes them a must-have in the underground mining equipment list.

Personnel Carrier

Personnel Carrier is one of the essential equipment in underground mining. It can carry miners and supplies to the underground mine. Therefore, without a personnel carrier traveling to or within an underground mine becomes a tedious and a time-taking process.

Load Haul Dump (LHD) Loaders

underground mining machine

LHD machine in mining plays a vital role, especially underground. It can load, transport, and unload, making its mobility unparalleled in mining equipment. Above all, LHD machines can help save labor costs by performing multiple tasks, like loading and dumping, using only a single piece of equipment.


Crushers help make and clear the way for other underground equipment by crushing rocks in the way. Some extracted materials are raw and need to go through the crushers to get the desired material.

Crushers come in different types, like; Crusher Bucket, Cone Crusher, and gyratory crusher, among many others.

Blasting Equipment

Blasting equipment is necessary for underground mining. The blast can weaken or crush rocks into smaller pieces making way for a jumbo drill machine to get the mineral ore. Another use of blasting machinery is to get rid of the blockage. That miners face while trying to get a sought-after mineral.

An explosive Transport vehicle (another mining equipment) carries the blasting materials to the desired spot. That makes it necessary equipment in an underground mining process.

Underground Crane

Underground cranes are very mobile equipment, making them perfect for underground mining. They are not fixed in a particular position, making them roam around easily in a mine.

The underground cranes are very easy to set up, saving time and labor efforts in normal cranes. They require a small free spot to set up tower cranes as they are smaller. Making them a perfect fit for underground equipment.

How to Transport Mining Equipment  

underground machines


Planning is the most crucial step if you are thinking of transporting mining equipment. Any haste decision without a thorough analysis of the critical precautions can result in damaging the equipment. It is recommended to have the required and equipment-relevant documents ready at your disposal.


After the planning, the budget becomes the second thing to go through before starting the shipment process. For budgeting preparation of your mining equipment transportation, there are several factors to consider:

  • If you opt to hire an expert to take care of this whole process for you
  • Clearing the equipment from the port is also a crucial stage of shipping.
  •  In some underground equipment, a certified equipment cleaner will be required.
  • Proper packing with dismantling equipment adds to your total costs as well.
  • Insurance also takes a good sum of money to cover all your underground mining equipment


Communications, safety protocols, backup, emergency responsiveness, and route mapping must be aligned prior to executing the shipment process. Before starting shipping underground mining equipment, the accurate size and weight of the gear (dimensions) should be with you. Any negligence in this requirement can cause a delay in shipment or a negative financial impact.


If you think the requirement is too much, it is recommended to take expertise. Expert guidance becomes more important when shipping heavy underground equipment internationally or when project cargo logistics services become necessary.

It is important to know that not all logistics companies are eligible and could not meet the criteria to ship oversized mining equipment internationally successfully. On the other hand, most underground mining equipment is awkwardly, making their delivery a nightmare for an inexperienced logistic provider.


Almost all the underground mining equipment is worth a fortune. Any damage to underground machines during the shipping can cost a lot to repair. To avoid this situation, getting the underground machines insured is crucial. Don’t think too much about the sum you must pay for the insurance coverage. It will be much smaller than what will be required for the damages without insurance.

Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co.

If you want to import all the underground-related equipment, then Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co. can be a great choice.

They possess and provide exports of all the equipment required for underground mining, including LHD machines, underground loaders, and jumbo drill rig, among many other underground machines.


Above all, all the underground mining machinery is expensive, and the shipping process can be quite frustrating if you are unaware of the requirements. So, we have listed down all the processes and precautions required for shipping underground mining equipment.

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