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Gold mines are located in various countries around the world. As the technology of gold mining equipment becomes more and more advanced, we are mining gold more and more efficiently. Here we discuss some of the issues surrounding gold mining.

In this blog, you can learn:

  1. How can you tell if gold is underground?
  2. At what depth is gold found?
  3. What is the best method for mining gold?
  4. What equipment is used in gold mining

How can you tell if gold is underground?

When looking for gold ore, there are generally many ways to detect whether gold is present in the underground. The wealthiest gold ore reserves in the world are in Southern Africa. African gold ores, in particular, are very rich. In addition, gold ore is also abundant in Australia and China. Wherever there are underground gold mines, gold mining equipment is needed.

There are different rock types:

when you initially determine that gold ore is present in a large area, you need to narrow down the location of the gold ore. You will find that the type of rock differs from the surrounding area where the gold ore is located.

Lightening of the color of the rocks: 

In areas where gold ore is present, the minerals are acidic, and when washed by rain, the acidic liquid will lighten the color of the rocks. So when you observe a big difference in the color of the stones in the area, gold ore may be present underground.

Gold prospecting equipment

Although we can determine the location of gold ore by external features such as terrain and rocks, this is not enough. A gold prospector can help you more accurately find underground gold deposits’ locations. In addition, you can also use a gold prospector.

At what depth is gold found?

The depth of gold ore underground can be deep or shallow. If you are doing large-scale gold mining, you must find the deposit. But finding the deposit is not the real goal. It would help if you also saw the gold vein. Mining for gold requires specialist gold mining equipment and years of mining knowledge. As we all know, we must process the gold ore to refine it into usable gold.
Concerning the depth of the gold ore, it is not the case that the deeper you go underground, the more gold ore there is. So, generally, you can find gold ore up to 4 km below the surface. For example, volcanic activity produces gold deposits.

What is the best method for mining gold?

Nugget mining

Large gold deposits require specialist gold mining equipment to extract. However, the rock of the deposit is very loose, and water is generally needed to assist in mining the gold ore. There is also a manual method of panning for gold. This involves workers manually pulling out the gold in the water. However, this method is prolonged, and the labor costs are high. Therefore, manual gold panning is not suitable for large gold mines

Hard gold ore

Most of the world’s gold comes from gold ore because of its high gold content. Not only do we find gold ore on the surface, but we also find it in abundance underground. The mining of gold ore underground requires the opening of tunnels. We then transport the gold mining equipment underground to start the mining process.

What equipment is used in gold mining

1. Gold mining equipment-Underground Jumbo Drill

The Underground Jumbo Drill is a crucial piece of gold mining equipment. We use it for drilling. Only after we have made a hole in the rock can we blast it. We have fitted this drill with a fully hydraulic drive system. So, it can work at a speed of 2.5 meters per minute. The noise level of the training is shallow when working with gold ore. So, you don’t have to worry about the noisy mining environment.

2. Gold mining tools-Underground Scaling Jumbo

This drilling truck has a very long drilling arm. When you want to further confirm the amount of gold ore in the ground, you can first use the drill truck to obtain a sample of the ore. When you are sure that the sample is gold ore, you can then mine the gold ore further. So, a drill truck is essential in the gold mining process.

3. Gold mining machine-Underground Mining Loader

Underground mining loaders can handle crushed ore. The loader collects the ore, large and small, and loads it onto trucks. The engine of this loader is from Germany. Therefore, it has a long engine life. The cab is also very spacious. The driver can quickly drive this loader for work. The most important thing is that the emissions from the loader cause zero pollution to the environment.

4.Equipment for gold mining-Underground Dump Truck

Capacity is an essential indicator for the Underground Dump Truck. But it is not the case that more capacity is better. The Max. traction force of the Underground Dump Truck is 96KN. We use the Underground Dump Truck to transport the mined gold ore to the surface. The Underground Dump Truck has an automatic unloading function. This allows us to increase the efficiency of the gold mining process.

Gold mining equipment for sale:gold mining machine price

Underground Dump Truck:

Load capacityPrice: (RMB)
20 t200w

Underground Mining Loader

Hopper capacityPrice: (RMB)
06.CM3 -0.75CM320-25w


Fucheng underground gold mining equipment is of the best quality. The German imported engine ensures the longevity of every gold mining equipment. Every piece of gold mining equipment meets international standards. We have a wide range of gold mining equipment. There are many different types of gold mining tools. The functions of every kind of equipment are additional. Drilling machines, scrapers, and delivery trucks are used in conjunction with each other. If you are looking for gold mining equipment, contact Fusheng, and we will give you the best service.

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