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There are many topics and conversations about subsurface mining methods, but there is still no reply. And one of the major topics is subsurface mining. If you want to search for articles about subsurface mining methods, you have come to the right place. This article will show you subsurface mining methods from different aspects.

What is subsurface mining?

Before understanding mining, it is very much important that you must understand what is subsurface mining or subsurface mining definition. Subsurface mining is a process that involves the extraction of a metal or fossil fuel from the ground. It is the best and most well-known mining method. The subsurface mining process is helpful in the process of mining for gold, silver, lead, and even gems. Besides this, it is very much beneficial in the mining of coal, salt, and oil sands.

Subsurface mining methods

There are five subsurface mining methods, which you need to understand while you are looking for all about it.

Strip Mining

The first type of subsurface mining is strip mining. Strip mining is a process, which involves mining the minerals. It is all done by removing soil and rock. This subsurface mining method is overburden removal. Most of the time, it is all used for the mining of coal and lignite. There are two types of strip mining, which are area stripping and contour mining. Area mining is used in this subsurface mining method, which has deposited over a larger area. Whereas the contour mining is done over hilly areas, and in this case, the mineral gets deposited on the land.

Open-Pit Mining

The second subsurface mining method is open-pit mining. The open-pit mining process is all used for the mining of rocks and even minerals, which is all used for the extraction of rocks and minerals. This is one of the best types of subsurface mining, which is all made for people who are looking for the extraction of minerals. This process is strip mining, but both of these methods work differently.

Mountain top removal

The third subsurface mining method is mountain top removal. As its name describes that mountain top removal subsurface mining method is all used over the mountains. It is all performed by removing the mountaintop overlying. In this method, explosives have used the break down the rock layers and done by removing the mountaintop of the coal seam. This subsurface mining process is all done to extract coal, which is all present deep all across the 400 feet of distance from earth.


Dredging is the other subsurface mining method, to carry out mining out of gold. In this method, small dredges carry out all the subsurface mining processes. It is all done with the help of the conveyor belt. Authentic huge scope digging activities regularly utilized a coasting dig; a canal boat-like vessel that scoops material up through a transport line on the bow sifts through the ideal part ready and returns the unwanted material to the water by means of one more transport line on the harsh. In rock-filled stream valleys with shallow water tables, a gliding dig can manage the free residue through its effort.

Highwall Mining

The last subsurface mining method is high wall mining. The high wall subsurface mining process is all done to perform mining across the coal adjacent areas. It is very much beneficial to recover all the overburden of the coal seam. From the above discussion, we believe that you have understood the subsurface mining definition and some subsurface mining methods. And now, is the time when you need to understand all about the subsurface mining environmental impacts and its advantages and disadvantagesIf you are environment conscious, then you should crack the information below:

underground mining technology

Advantages of subsurface mining

  • It is the best subsurface mining method, which is all responsible for the extraction of natural resources from the earth.
  • It is the process, which is all loaded with the amazing economical and financial benefits.
  • As compared to the other subsurface mining processes, this process is the safest one.
  • It is the only process that is the best option to work for larger areas.


After understanding the advantages, and now you have to learn about the disadvantages of subsurface mining. The subsurface mining process is dangerous to the environment and causes long-term effects

Impact of Subsurface mining on the Environment

The subsurface mining environmental impacts are far-reaching. A few years ago, the people from Appalachia found that thousands of miles had been left unclaimed after the process of strip mining. Even though, after some years, the land with subsurface mining has experienced landslides, flooding, mountain mines, and other changes. Moreover, the high falls have also experienced drainage, erosion, water pollution, and other major changes.

Causes damage to land resources

While checking out the long-term impact of subsurface mining, then it all causes damage to the soil resources. The strip-mining impact the quality of soil, which is very much important for the growth and development of the crops. It impacts the micro-organisms within the soil, which makes it more fertile. Besides this, there are many examples of subsurface mining, and there are many harmful impacts of those on the atmosphere. The process of subsurface mining also impacts the growth of plants and other vegetables. It also alters the power of the soil.

Impact on the quality of water

As water is very much important for our life, but after the subsurface mining its quality. It all pollutes water supplies and streams. It turns the water into a red or orange color, and even it is very much difficult to check out that the water is affected. Notwithstanding, different sorts of contamination are more diligently recognized. An exceptionally acidic stream might appear to be no unique than a perfect one except if you notice that it has no fish in it.

Wildlife damage

Untamed life frequently endures seriously because of strip mining. For the time being, all species are either annihilated or uprooted from the space of the actual mine. Mining likewise may have antagonistic, long-haul impacts on natural life, including hindrance of its territory or local climate. Numerous creature species can’t acclimate to the progressions welcomed by the land’s unsettling influence engaged with coal mining. In situations where a significant living space (like an essential favorable place) is annihilated, the species might be wiped out. Exceptional environments like bluffs, caverns, and old-development woods might be difficult to restore. Larger mines, like those in the West, may upset migration courses and basic winter range for huge game creatures.

Examples of subsurface mining

It is not uncommon to use subsurface mining methods for mining. Here are two examples of mining with subsurface mining methods. Zhangjiakou Gold Mine: After years of exploration, Zhangjiakou Gold Mine has successfully applied and tested the subsurface mining method. The joints are very developing well.

The shape of the ore body is complex, and the thickness and dip angle vary greatly. When mining gently inclined thin ore bodies with unstable roofs, the wall caving method is first adopted, which is not effective, and then various forms of access subsurface mining methods are used to achieve better results.

Xiangxi Gold Mine: When mining mesh veins, the subsurface mining method was originally used to cut the walls and fill. Because the ore body is thick, the source of filling materials is difficult, the safety is poor, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the productivity is low. Improve the production capacity of ore blocks, and reduce mining costs.


The above introduced you to the types of subsurface mining, subsurface mining definition, subsurface mining environmental impacts, and subsurface mining examples. If you still want to understand surface and subsurface mining, at last, we hope that you have cleared all about the subsurface mining methods. Check out the latest updates on the subsurface mining and other types of equipment from Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co, Ltd.

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