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Mining refers to exploiting valuable natural mineral resources by manpower or machinery. However, most businessmen are engaged in mining. They face whether to use subsurface mining or strip mining to mine an orebody. Usually, businessmen will consider economic benefits first. This post will introduce two mining methods and analyze how to choose the best mining method from different perspectives.

Part one definition of two mining methods


Definition of subsurface mining

It is a general term for mining with underground tunnels. Generally, underground mining is suitable for deposits buried deeply when strip mining is not suitable economically and technically. The ore body is divided into stages and ore blocks by underground tunnel engineering, in which the mining work is carried out with the ore blocks as the basic underground mining unit.

Definition of strip mining

Strip mining refers to mining work in super open space, according to the occurrence conditions of the ore deposit, using certain mining, loading, and transportation equipment. So strip mining has low demand for the performance of the equipment. Often, some deposits are large, shallow, or even exposed on the surface. Suppose the rock layer is exposed on the surface. The excavation depth is not large. Minerals can be mined directly on the ground without excavating roadways. So it is suitable for open-pit mining.

Part two advantages of both mining methods

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Advantages of strip mining

The advantages of strip mining mainly include the following six aspects: (1) The degree of mechanization is high. (2) High labor productivity. (3) The mining cost is low. (4) Fully recover the underground mining resources. (5) The infrastructure construction time is short. (6) Good working conditions.

Advantage of subsurface mining

Compared with underground mining, strip mining also has three major disadvantages: (1) The “three wastes” in the mining process are easy to destroy the environment (2) It is necessary to strip and discharge a large amount of waste rock, especially deep strip mines, and occupy a lot of farmland or mountains; (3) Affected by climatic conditions, such as severe cold, ice, snow, extreme heat, heavy rain, etc., will affect work efficiency. So, the advantages of subsurface mining mainly include the following six aspects: (1) High recovery rate. (2) Low dilution rate. (3) The workload of mining is small. (4) The mining depth is large. (5) Less initial investment. (6) Less pollution to the atmospheric environment.

Part three how to choose a mining method

The economic benefits of mine are the decisive factor.

Suppose you can select the ideal mining method, which will make you obtain the greatest economic benefits. On the contrary, if the mining method is improperly selected, it will affect the technical indicators of mine production and economic benefits for a long time. Folks maybe think that strip mining is safer. Still, for a mining businessman maxing the benefits gained of mine, with the continuous innovation of underground mining equipment and technology, underground mining will be considered as the first choice.

Followed by the mining depth boundary

The process of strip mining is simple. You only need to use mining machines to mine on the surface, and sometimes the ore rock may be exposed on the surface. At the beginning of mining, you must use underground mining, such as the open-field mining method, pillar mining method, caving mining method, etc.

The occurrence conditions of the ore deposit

The occurrence of the ore body usually affects the method of mining the mine. SO, it relies on the ore body’s thickness and the inclination angle to the vertical direction, etc. For example, a skinny ore body with an inclination angle greater than 55°, and the surrounding rock is moderately stable. The ore body is relatively regular, the ore does not agglomerate, and there is no unnatural phenomenon. At this time, you’d better use the ore-keeping mining method.

The meaning of environment on the mining methods a significant reason.

Mining, especially strip mining, has resulted in the destruction or occupation of large land areas. The collapse of the surrounding land, the groundwater system, and the loss of vegetation have caused a series of ecological and economic and social problems, which have become a major problem facing today. Therefore, if the ecological environment around the mine is poor, you’d better choose underground mining.

Especially the safety of mining is high.

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My safety always is a vital question. Although strip mining is safer than underground mining, with underground mining equipment and technology developed quickly, the safety of underground mining has improved dozens of times compared to ten years ago. Meanwhile, subsurface mining equipment manufacturer, Fucheng, offers a lot of efficient underground mining machines, which can meet your request for mine safety.

The strength of mechanical mining equipment

The mining equipment mainly introduced here is the machinery and equipment of Fucheng, a China underground mining manufacturer. The first machinery model is Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-0.6D, which is equipment specially used for excavation. It uses an engine imported from Germany. However, it is a diesel mechanic. But the fumes it produces are purified and then released.

The second machinery model is FC10-1BCD Underground Drill Rigs. This underground mining equipment is mainly used for underground mining drilling of buildings in engineering. It is characterized by full hydraulic transmission, high operating efficiency, and strong automation. At the same time, the body is small and convenient for underground mining operations. Its engine is electric and a diesel operation mode, which ensures that the underground mining operation can be carried out normally under certain conditions.

The third machinery model is the Underground Dump Truck FYKC-12. The underground mining equipment is mainly used for underground mining drilling operations. The drill is a high drilling efficiency, which can save you a lot of time. In addition, Fucheng underground mining equipment manufacturers will also provide you with a preferential price so that you can get high-quality underground mining equipment.Fucheng’s website is Come on!


Although comparing and selecting mining methods is complex and comprehensive technical work, you should know how to choose a reasonable mining method after reading this. Of course, if you want to do underground mining, I recommend an underground mining equipment supplier from China, Fucheng, which offers equipment with good quality and affordable price. Meanwhile, Fucheng’s underground mining equipment can help you efficiently complete underground mining tasks. Fucheng URL is

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