Underground jumbo drill machine ultimate guide

A jumbo drill, also known as a drilling jumbo, is often a rock drilling rig. It can be used for jumbo drill mining. Drilling jumbos in deep mines are typically applicable where drilling and blasting are necessary to achieve jumbo underground mining. When rock resistance prohibits the usage of tunneling machines, the jumbo drill machines are still relevant in tunneling.

Mining vehicles from Fucheng are world-class jumbo mining equipment. In different underground mining operations, a large number of vehicles are currently in use. Our workshop manufactures jumbo drills including jumbo mining underground jumbo drill machine, which are one of our most famous vehicles.

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about underground jumbo drill machines. In addition, we will demonstrate to you how to use this vehicle safely and how to keep your jumbo drill machine in good working order for a long time.

Working Principle of Underground Jumbo Drill Machines

The Underground Jumbo drill’s primary purpose is to drill a deep hole in the mining rock walls. Jumbo vehicles drills these holes for blasting or clearing of the tunnel. In this case, the underground jumbo drill machines use a variety of different rock drilling techniques. We will mention them in the later sections.

Underground jumbo drill machines from Fucheng will drill holes with diameters ranging from 33 to 102 mm and a depth of 2.7 meters. These jumbo drills are suitable for all underground drilling operations, including jumbo drill mining. These jumbo mining vehicles are sturdy and long-lasting.

The drilling jumbos consist of single, double, or triple rock drills, and some are with a basket on which the operator stands to load explosives into the holes, clear the tunnel face, and so on.

The carriages are at the front of the vehicle bolted with the chassis. It also holds the miner’s cabin and the hydraulic pump.

While modern drilling jumbos are very big, smaller versions are also available from Fucheng for tight spaces. Although most modern jumbo mining machines have rubber tires and are diesel-powered, steel-wheeled jumbos travel on rails and single carriage sled-mounted jumbos.

Although electricity is now often used, early jumbos had compressed air power management systems. There are no exhaust gases of electricity or compressed air, which is advantageous for operating in smaller tubes with less airflow.

Types of Underground Jumbo Drill Machines

Depending on the various circumstances, Underground Jumbo drills have different types and capabilities. There are four types of Underground jumbo drills are available in the jumbo underground mining considering the number of drilling boom.

Single boom jumbos

  • There is just one boom drilling device on the single boom Jumbos. Drilling jumbos of this kind are often low-profile machines with a structured design.
  • The single boom jumbo, also known as the single-arm underground drilling jumbo, is primarily used in mining, metalworking, water and power, railway, and highway engineering tunneling projects.
  • It operates on the tunnel’s face, roof, sides, and floor.
  • Furthermore, the single boom jumbo can drill the blast hole and the bolt hole with ease.
jumbo drill mining

Double boom Jumbos

  • Double boom jumbos have two boom drilling mechanism can be operated at the same time. Fucheng FC20 – 2BCD and FC20-2BDare the perfect examples of this kind.
  • These drilling jumbos had a comparatively higher profile than the single boom jumbo drill machines.
  • These jumbo mining trucks are also applicable in jumbo underground mining, metalworking, water and power, railway, and highway engineering tunneling projects

Double boom Jumbos with a basket

  • In these types of drilling, jumbos contain a basket bolted with the chassis of the vehicle. The miner can stand on this basket and fill up the holes for blasting.
  • This basket can move in a specific range denoted by the manufacturers.
mining jumbo


Triple Boom Jumbos

  • Like single and double boom drilling jumbos, these types of jumbos also have multiple booms for drilling.
  • These types of jumbos can also have a basket attached with the chassis for the miners.
  • Triple boom jumbos are famous for large-scale mining operations.
jumbo drill

Characteristics and Advantages of Underground Jumbo drill Machine

  • Following are the primary characteristics of the Underground Jumbo drill machine:
  • Underground drilling jumbos are low-profile with a sturdy, structured vehicle. These jumbo mining vehicle designs are applicable for deep jumbo underground mining operations.
  • Underground Jumbo drills have one, two, or three arm drilling mechanisms at the front of each vehicle. Depending on the production capacity, the miners choose the appropriate jumbo drill machines for the mining.
  • The deep jumbo mining machine can have both diesel and electric operated.  Fucheng offers both of the features in one. Usually, electric-powered machines create no noise and no pollution.
  • Most of the jumbo drills run with crawlers. This feature helps these
jumbo mining machines run on uneven surfaces.
  • All the underground jumbo drill machines in Fucheng have sizes from 7050 x 920 x 1750 mm to 11200 x 1650 x 2850 mm, weighing 7 tons to 10 tons.
  • The internal combustion engine power from 32 KW to 60 KW is available in these Jumbo drill machines.
  • All these underground jumbo drill machines are capable of drilling ø32 mm to ø102mm of the hole diameter. Each of these arms can drill up to 5 m deep.

Advantage of Underground Jumbo Drill Machine

  • Underground Jumbo drill machines from Fucheng are versatile and powerful. It fits through a wide variety of applications and, due to its optimal and lightweight size, goes through reasonably narrow tunnels.
  • Because of their class-leading drilling arms and the most prominent rock drill variety on the market, jumbo drills are cost-effective.
  • Fucheng Jumbo drill machines are simple to use. Different from other jumbo underground mining machines, the devices with the platform control system enable the operator to track and control all platform functions quickly and concentrate on boiling.
  • Jumbo drills, both diesel, and electric are zero-emission devices that are environmentally sustainable. The advanced high-quality washer cleans the engine’s exhaust and makes it comfortable to use the underwater tunnel.
  • Its crawling system enables it to travel across undulated areas, and its remarkable strength and endurance lead to steep, challenging-to-reach areas. In short, jumbo drill machines have more traction and maneuverability for challenging terrain.
  • These drilling arms have a wide variety of drilling areas, as is perfectly usual for any underground activity.
  • Underground Jumbo drills are challenging, quick, and easy to keep up with, so you can make the most of your time on the job.
  • The Fucheng Underground Automotive Production Business will offer after-sales assistance and service delivery to customers abroad 24/7. Various warehouses in the area provide open services.
  • These jumbo drills provide machine intelligence to the rig and enable you to choose from the most extensive list of hydraulic rock drills available to tackle your rock form effectively. Durable drilling material, high drilling precision, and decreased break-up allow decent payback on the expenditure on the plant, simple to quantify.

Underground drilling method

There are several drilling techniques available, owing to the fact that geological environments vary from fully unconsolidated sediments, including such alluvial sand and gravel, to dense rock like basalt and granite.
It follows that almost no single drilling technique is best for all geological situations and well installations and that effectively drilling in each is an art learned over years of experience and the implementation of sound technical practices.
Typically, well construction requires five distinct operations:
Drilling procedures à Casing installation à Installation of a display and filter kit à Proper development ensures sand-free activity at optimum yield à Absolutely satisfactory
Underground drilling utilizes three distinct drilling techniques:
  • The DTH drilling technique
  • The rotary mud drilling technique
  • Process of cable and tool drilling.
Mud rotary drilling techniques and cable and tool drilling techniques are considered two distinct mud drilling techniques.
Cable and tool drilling rigs are used for this type, while rotary cum drilling rigs are familiar for both mud rotary drilling and DTH drilling.

The DTH drilling technique

  • The DTH is a rotary percussive hammer down the pit hammer that works on the bottom of the hole.
  • It connects the drill string at the end, and compressed air drives this drill string that flows down the middle of the drill string through the hammer.
  • The air drives a piston inside the hammer, which hits the drill bit’s back end, producing a percussive impact.
  • With a sufficiently powerful air compressor, a modern rotary system may use the pneumatic drill mechanism on every rock surface.
The DTH process is applicable to rapidly and economically drill medium to challenging formations.
The rapid penetration caused by the air piston blows is transferred directly to the bit, avoiding energy loss via the string.

The rotary mud drilling technique

  • This approach involves spinning a drill pipe with a bit that cuts and breaks up the substance when it penetrates the formation using a power-driven rotary table or top-head style swivel.
  • The spinning drill pipe pumps the drilling fluid and by the hole recovering stuff, split by the bit.
  • And it flows upward in the gap between the drill pipe and the ground floor, bringing the cutting to the surface and clearing the opening.
  • The higher the fluid flow, the more quickly the drilling will be completed.
  • The drill pipe and bit descend, gradually deepening the opening.
At the surface, drilling mud spills through a trench and then settles to the bottom of a sinking trap. The fluid overflows from the settling pit into another pit, where the mud pump’s suction hose sweeps it up and recirculates through the drill shaft.
The casing pipe is not inserted before the drilling operations are complete. The weight of the mud on the sides of the pit holds the hole’s walls in place.

Process of cable and tool drilling.

The cable tool drills a little to break down and lose the material in a well-cutting and breaking of formation material by raising and lowering it 60 times a minute. The cable tool system has been effective for a broad range of geological environments for thousands of years.

Precaution and Maintenance of Underground Jumbo drill Machine

Precautions for underground jumbo drill exercises are identical to those for other underground mining vehicles. Furthermore, the safety of this kind of system takes a few extra precautions than different types.
  • Anyone using an Underground Jumbo drill machine must have a current driver’s license appropriate for the vehicle.
  • Operators of machinery must conduct a pre-shift check following the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that all safety equipment and operational functions are in good working order. A qualified mechanic or technician must repair any noted faults before returning the machinery to service.
  • The user of the jumbo drill machines must ensure that the service and repair guides are available in the cabinet.
  • All underground jumbo drill machine arms should have their swing range delineated to protect the dangerous areas.
  • When transporting vehicles, equipment and goods can be processed so as not to endanger miners.
  • Employees working in the underground tunnel would still wear high-visibility Class II reflective vests(fluorescent green or orange).
  • Drilling activities produce a cloud of dust and small rock fragments that envelop the tunnel. To shield their eyes from the dust and tiny stone fragments, miners should wear protective goggles.
  • Hard hats are often needed, and miners working in or near drilling jumbos are at reasonable risk of overhead hazards.
  • On all mobile diesel-powered Jumbo drills, a permanently mounted functioning fire extinguisher is necessary. Before being refueled, both drilling jumbos must get their engines switched off.

Maintenance of Underground Jumbo drill Machines

If you consider it a high priority to maintain your underground mining machine, you will get the most extended life span from it. Additionally, in the jumbo drill mining process, these jumbo drills can offer you the best shot if you practice this every day. Fucheng advises adopting specific maintenance instructions.
  • Maintaining the Jumbo is essential for keeping the jumbo mining machine in good working order and keeping accurate records and checklists every day. Companies help ensure the usable life of vehicles in fleets of heavy equipment by explaining the processes involved in maintaining each piece of mining vehicles and tracking checks and repairs.
  • Cleaning equipment daily helps maintenance personnel have a better eye on the condition of different items.
  • In addition to frequent greasing and oiling, Jumbo engines and motors need periodic maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s advice will help protect the equipment and extend its life in this setting.
  • Protect the Jumbo’s electrical wiring from the weather. For example, it might be appropriate to cover machinery with a secure protective tarp or hide the equipment under a cover to prevent undue wear and tear on the electrical components.
  • Inspect the sections of the jumbo drill machines that come into contact with the ground at frequent intervals. Debris, such as loose dirt, can get trapped in difficult-to-reach areas, and cleaning it out allows the machinery to operate more effectively.
  • Check for obvious signs of oil leakage during daily scheduled Jumbo drill cleaning sessions. By paying attention to possibly leaky valves, owners of this expensive jumbo mining machine will make necessary repairs much more available, assisting the machinery’s operation.


Underground Jumbo drills are one of the most popular jumbo mining machines used in modern mining processes. These jumbo drills have multiple drilling arms for convenience in the production speed.
However, proper preventive and maintenance practice will ensure a better long-lasting of the jumbo drill mining. Fucheng Underground mining machine is world-class mining equipment maintaining a good reputation among the mining technology.

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