Top 10 Underground Mining Trucks Globally


At present, the top mining truck companies in the global market are: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr, Belaz, Volvo, Astra, Weichai, Volkswagen, Zhongtruk, Sany, XCMG, Daimler, SIH, GHH Fahrzeuge, Kress Corporation, Terex Corporation, etc. Especially volvo underground mining trucks are widely known. So, here we mainly introduce the underground mining trucks products of Caterpillar, Epiroc, Komatsu, Volvo, and other companies. On the other hand, to facilitate your reading, we will introduce you to the world’s top 10 underground mining trucks in the form of company plus products.

Fucheng Underground Mining Truck FYKC-20

Fucheng Underground Mining Truck

Underground Mining Truck FYKC-20

Fuheng Underground trucks are also known as underground mining trucks, underground dump trucks. Fucheng,from China, is a professional underground mining machine equipment manufacturer that sells underground mining trucks designed to transport rock material safely, efficiently, and reliably in harsh conditions. The underground mining trucks are durable and robust casing, which also have solid internal structure and offer payloads from 15 to 60 tons. Meanwhile, Underground mining trucks are low-cost when operating.



Volvo Underground Mining Truck FMX series

Cat AD45B Underground Haul Truck

Volvo Underground Mining Truck FMX series

Above all, the highlight is coming! FMX is fully autonomous driving Volvo’s underground mining truck series. It is the first truck product in the world to be tested for deep mine operations. Volvo underground mining trucks designed to complete test-filled tasks in challenging environments. We think volvo underground mining trucks FMX series are the strongest, most powerful, and most reliable underground truck in Volvo’s history. But at the same time, Volvo underground mining trucks are also very flexible, using materials that can withstand impact and designing a panel that the operator can replace.

The interior is surprisingly simple lines, clever instruments, and perfectly designed seats. FMX volvo underground mining trucks with unique configurations have a lot of space for storing various items. This can reduce the time you go to the station for repairs and increase your working time accordingly. Moreover, the onboard transportation system collects data to optimize and coordinate the driving route and fuel consumption when the volvo underground mining truck is driving.


Sandvik Underground Mining Truck TH663i

volvo underground mining trucks

Sandvik Underground Truck TH663i

From the world’s second largest manufacturer of underground mining equipment. The Sandvik underground truck series are designed to transport rock materials safely and efficiently under extreme conditions. Their latest i-series underground mining trucks include smart interiors and intelligent solutions. Sandvik underground trucks can provide payloads ranging from 15 to 63 tons at a low cost per ton. The Toro™ TH663i underground truck combines intelligence, high productivity, and sustainability in a powerful dump truck. In addition, TH663i provides higher productivity and efficiency. It has Volvo Penta’s optional Stage V engine. The 16-liter 585 kW engine uses a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) instead of a diesel particulate filter to reduce emissions. This is undoubtedly beneficial to the environment. And SCR uses diesel exhaust to reduce NOx emissions without sacrificing truck performance or fuel-efficiency.



SandvikMining Dump Truck TH430L

Sandvik Dump Truck TH430L

Sandvik Dump Truck TH430L

The Sandvik dump truck has always provided high capacity in a compact form. They have high mobility, a small turning radius, and a fast running speed. The functions of the Sandvik dump truck include, for example, FEA optimized frame and dump box, a powerful diesel engine, and so on. There are also advanced transmission system technology, four-wheel drive, and ergonomic control devices. TH430L is an underground mining truck suitable for thin applications. The shell is 4 x 2 m and provides a transportation capacity of 30 tons. Similarly, Sandvik dump trucks are ideal for medium-sized low-rise mines on slopes or horizontal production and transportation mine development projects. This underground dump truck is specially designed to improve service efficiency and maximum uptime.



Cashman Underground Mining Trucks AD63

Cashman Underground Mining Trucks

Cashman Underground Mining Trucks AD63

We all know that to move materials around the mine, workers need heavy trucks. However, underground mining operations require an underground truck that can operate in a confined space without sacrificing efficiency, capacity, or operator comfort. Cashman’s AD63 Underground Mining Trucks fully meets this requirement. Unlike traditional trucks, these underground trucks have oversized tires to support heavy loads on uneven terrain. In addition, these underground mining dump trucks can have a high payload to meet the needs of transporting heavy mined minerals or ore to the field. Not only that, but AD63 Underground Mining Trucks can also operate under the most extreme conditions—cold, hot, heavy dust, high altitude, and steep slopes while towing heavy objects.



Underground Mining Dump Truck HM400-2

Komatsu Underground Dump Truck

Komatsu Underground Dump Truck HM400-2

Komatsu is a globally leading manufacturer of underground mining trucks. And HM400-2 is the representative of their excellent underground dump truck. Articulated dump trucks have low maintenance costs, fast working speed, and high working efficiency. At the same time, underground transportation is safer and more efficient. These easy-to-operate underground dump trucks have the reliable systems and components after years of trials and real-world experience. Whether it is a bad rock construction site or a landfill field, the HM400-2 underground dump truck is very suitable.



Cat AD45B Underground Haul Truck
Volvo FMX Underground Truck

Cat AD45B Underground Haul Truck

AD45B Underground Haul Truck is designed for high output and low transportation cost per ton in underground mining applications. Both caterpillar underground mining truck machines have the same advantages: robust structure and simplified maintenance. In addition to being durable, the AD45B also guarantees long life and low operating costs. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the engine of this underground haul truck provides efficient fuel management and quick response. The engine also has an optional reduced ventilation (VR) package. The VR kit combines optional engine hardware and software. It can minimize diesel particulate matter in engine exhaust and protect the environment. But be aware that the availability of VR packages is subject to regional regulatory compliance. Must meet the US EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA emission standards.


Epiroc Underground Mining Dump Truck Minetruck MT2010

underground mining trucks

Epiroc Underground Dump Truck Minetruck MT2010

An articulated underground truck with a load capacity of 20 metric tonnes. Minetruck MT2010 is suitable for small and medium underground operations and development work. The underground dump truck is equipped with a Teletram dump box, which can be dumped horizontally when the roof height is limited. To speed up your production, Minetruck MT2010 has a powerful and reliable power transmission system. Not only that, the speed of this underground dump truck on slopes is impressive, thereby improving your unloading cycle and overall productivity. Further, all of these make the Minetruck MT2010 underground dump truck the best of its kind.



Epiroc Underground Haul Mining Dump Truck Minetruck MT436LP

 Underground Haul Truck

Epiroc Underground Haul Truck Minetruck MT436LP

The Minetruck MT436LP is an articulated underground haul truck with a 32.6 metric tonne capacity designed to excel in low-profile mining projects with back heights as low as 2.3 meters. For clear visibility in both tramming directions, the underground haul truck has a forward and rear-view cameras and a canopy-mounted monitor. A spring-suspended seat and ergonomic controls inside the driver’s canopy help increase operator productivity. When you need a robust underground haul truck for low-profile development and mining, you can rely on the Minetruck MT436LP.


Altorfer 725 Articulated Underground Mining Trucks

 Underground Mining Trucks

Altorfer 725 Articulated Underground Mining Trucks

Altorfer’s underground mining trucks have a unique data link. They are flexible and versatile enough to adapt to the application at hand easily. This is a revolutionary function of underground mining trucks to improve the machine’s efficiency. Simple operation, car-style comfort, and extended maintenance intervals are the advantages of Altorfer’s underground mining trucks. However, his means that these underground haul trucks allow you to focus on your work and spend less time and money on repairs.


At this point, I believe that you have a basic understanding of the global underground mining trucks market. You also have a new understanding of volvo underground mining trucks. If you need more professional buying guidance, I suggest you follow We will push you the latest knowledge about underground mining trucks from time to time.

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