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Jumbo Drills machine

The jumbo drill machine or jumbo mining machine is a kind of rock drilling machine. Jumbo drills are usually used for underground mining if mining is done by drilling and blasting. The jumbo mining equipment consists of one, two, or three rock drilling rigs. Sometimes it is a platform where miners stand on the platform to load explosives and clean the surface of the borehole, tunnel, or other.

Top 5 Jumbo Drills Manufacturers


Komatsu Mining

Top Jumbo Drills

Komatsu Germany-Mining Division designs, manufactures, sells, and services large to super sizable hydraulic jumbo drills for the global mining industry. Jumbo drill machines can be used jumbo drilling underground and jumbo machine mining. The company has more than 90 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and distributing underground jumbo drill machines. The former jumbo underground jumbo mining equipment giants Joy Global and P&H were acquired by Komatsu and integrated into the Komatsu family of companies. This makes them a vital participant in the global mining jumbo drilling underground equipment market.



Top Jumbo Drills
The company is a global productivity partner for jumbo mining machine and jumbo drilling underground infrastructure customers.
The main attribute of Epiroc being rated as one of the top suppliers of jumbo drilling underground equipment is its extensive use of modern technology.
Epiroc develops and provides innovative and safe jumbo mining equipment with breakthrough technology, such as jumbo drill machine for ground and jumbo drilling underground, tools for rock excavation, and construction equipment. Most of the company’s jumbo drills are technology-oriented, which makes them more efficient.
The technology also improves the safety of jumbo drills manufactured by Epiroc. Because even when mining in dangerous places, the operator can monitor and control the underground jumbo drill machine more conveniently.

Sandvik Mining

Underground Mining Equipment
For more than 150 years, Sandvik jumbo mining equipment has been committed to developing the most advanced mining jumbo drills solutions.
For a long time, the company has been eager to provide a total solution for miners by providing various mining jumbo drills that can handle almost all types of mining.
The company used these experiences to develop a sophisticated Sandvik jumbo mining equipment to provide solutions for different customers.

Furukawa Rock Drill

Furukawa Co., Ltd. was founded in 1875 as a copper mine developer. At present, the Furukawa Group is centered on the holding company Furukawa Co., Ltd., operating three mining jumbo drills companies, including underground jumbo drill machine and three jumbo underground mining material companies.

J.H. Fletcher & Co.

J.H. Fletcher & Co. is one of the world’s top manufacturers of customized underground mining jumbo drills.

Since 1937, Fletcher has been committed to designing and manufacturing customized solutions for underground mining jumbo drills equipment. Today, Fletcher’s products extend to various industries.

For decades, Fletcher has focused on finding ways to improve the industrial processes of underground mining jumbo drills and reduce the risks of workers in these industries.

Top 5 Jumbo Drills Machine

Sandvik dt820

The main feature of this Sandvik jumbo drill machine is that its design uses the most advanced technology, including an intelligent control system. This kinds of machines can be used jumbo drilling underground and jumbo machine mining.
Unlike other jumbo drills, the Sandvik jumbo drill machine has an ergonomic cab to ensure that the operator is in the best comfort.
The mining jumbo drills were awarded for the best performance in the mining industry. The power of the entire mining jumbo drills is 119 kW, which is sufficient for most types of drilling, including hard rock.
This jumbo mining equipment is very durable, such as underground jumbo drill. If you use it in the right way, it can last for many years without damage. Most people prefer the Sandvik dt820 drill bit because it can be installed in the smallest space. Sandvik dt820 can easily pass through tunnels with sharp corners and limited space.

Epiroc Boomer XE/WE

This particular underground jumbo drill machine is available in XE and WE sizes. Like other mining jumbo drills, Epiroc Boomer is equipped with an advanced control system to make the drill move faster and more accurately. As an excellent jumbo underground mining machine, it also has a self-diagnostic design function, such as jumbo drill machine, If there is a problem, the jumbo mining equipment will issue a clear warning.
Another feature of Epiroc Boomer is its cross-section up to 205 square meters. This allows mining jumbo drills to adapt well to small spaces. Therefore, this jumbo mining machine is very suitable for bored tunnels with little space. Mining jumbo drills also have a heavy-duty body, which is ideal for drilling the hardest rocks.
This type of jumbo mining equipment also comes with certification to confirm that they have excellent functions. When the underground jumbo drill is working, it can discharge the least pollutants, protect the environment and the personnel operating the drilling rig.
When designing this jumbo drilling underground machine, flexibility is a priority. You can change the different operations of the mining jumbo drill machine effortlessly. The main parts of the drill bit can be disassembled and reassembled later, making the entire jumbo machine very portable during mining.


Komatsu (Joy) DR-2SB

Komatsu’s mining jumbo drill machine is designed to allow horizontal and vertical drilling. The coverage area of the underground jumbo drill machine is 29.2 feet x 23.3 feet, and its outer turning radius is 12.0 feet and 21.0 feet.
It also has a sturdy bracket and drilling hydraulic system, which contains various piston pumps. Another essential feature of the underground jumbo drill machine is that it is equipped with an IntelSense drilling control system with multiple attributes.
You can also get engine options when using this jumbo underground mining machine. Engine options provide users with the convenience of switching based on usage.
The mining jumbo drills are designed to observe all environmental attributes to a certain extent. Jumbo drills use advanced climate and filter control systems. In addition to reducing emissions, mining jumbo drills also ensure adequate protection for drill operators.

Furukawa T3RW

Reliability is one of the main attributes of this modern jumbo underground mining machine, and you can use it for heavy-duty performance. The size of the mining jumbo drills is 5,800 mm in height, 15,310 mm in length, and 3,100 mm in width. The total weight of jumbo drills is 48,000 kg, which provides the required stability for the drill.
The design of this bit makes it produce minimal noise and pollutant emissions, making the entire device environmentally friendly. It is certified as one of the mining jumbo drills that do not harm the environment.
What makes the jumbo mining equipment, so reliable is its powerful engine function. Mining jumbo drills also have stable performance. You can use it to drill tunnels accurately without causing too much waste.
You can easily control jumbo drills with an advanced control system with clear labels to view everything. You can also expect to use these jumbo drills to improve performance because they can work for days without heating.

Fletcher J-352-LS

Fletcher’s mining jumbo drills are mainly used for limestone mining. It can drill bits up to 60 feet wide and 35 feet high. The diesel-hydraulic engine of mining jumbo drills provides enough power to work for more than 10 hours.
The jumbo underground mining machine uses four plunger stabilizers to provide front and rear performance. There is a 250-gallon water carrier on the drill bit to help carry the water needed for granulation.
Another outstanding feature of Fletcher mining jumbo drills is that it is equipped with a hydraulic compressor cooler. It also has an environmentally friendly design. Although the engine is so powerful, it produces very little noise.
Most of the functions of jumbo mining equipment are self-controlled, and you need to use a simplified control system to guide them.

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