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Facts have proved that finding a high-performance scooptram for sale in the world can be a time-consuming and risky task. You may have many channels to understand this problem, but there is no easy way to compare the capabilities of various scooptrams. The good news is that we have done a lot of research and analysis for you.


Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-XD Series

Fucheng underground mining scooptram are designed for high production, low cost-per-ton hauling in underground mining applications. Equipped with Germany Deutz F10L413W Engine and Canada Purification device of platinum catalyst muffler purifier, accomplish low emissions and low pollution. Excellent performance with American DANA Torque converter, Power shift Transmission and Axle, MICO valve etc. Ergonomics designed compartment improve the control of bucket lifting and tilting, guarantee safety and minimal fatigue for operator.

Electric Scooptram FCYJ-XE Series

Fucheng underground mining scooptram are designed for high yield, low cost per ton in underground mining applications. The LHD has strong structure, simple maintenance, long service life and low operating cost. The coal mining capacity of the Fucheng four-wheel drive LHD ranges from 1.4 tons to 4 tons, taking driver safety, performance and reliability into consideration. Electric spoons have a durable and simple design, low maintenance cost, durable, excellent features and options that can help you save money on your utility bill.


Epiroc is the world famous scooptram for sale. Many famous scooptrams in the world are made by epiroc. After more than 140 years of history, epiroc has accumulated rich experience and related expertise. Epiroc has high-tech technology, focusing on R&D and providing high-quality scooptram and other safety equipment. Epiroc scooptram,also called atlas copco scooptram. Epiroc has many models of scooptram for sale. The company continues to develop epiroc scooptram and boldly innovate epiroc scooptram, constantly update technology, and strive to provide customers with the highest quality and highest quality equipment.

epiroc st14

Scooptram st14, also called atlas copco st14, has the highest level of safety and the highest production efficiency. Epiroc st14 has a small size, but this does not affect its efficient work. Scooptram st14, with a carrying capacity of 14 metric tons, is sturdy and durable, suitable for medium-scale operations. Different from other similar products, epiroc st14 has a new low-profile swing arm system, which can provide the operator with the best view. Scooptram st14 has an intelligent control system, with this function can improve the safety and productivity of the operation process. At the same time, st14 epiroc also provides ample driving space for the operator.

epiroc st18

Epiroc st18 is a scooptram produced by epiroc for underground operations. As we all know, the underground working environment is harsh and difficult, and scooptram st18 is specially designed for the implementation of more difficult underground operations. The st18 epiroc is a scooptram that can withstand 18 metric tons. Scooptram st18 has excellent digging capabilities and high-lift design, bringing you an unparalleled operating experience. In addition, epiroc st18 also has easy-to-access real-time diagnostics and performance data functions, the purpose is to make scooptram achieve the best performance. Scooptram st18 can also carry out a semi-automatic operation or wireless remote control operation. All in all, epiroc st18 is the best choice to help you improve your work efficiency.

epiroc st7

Epiroc is committed to achieving sustainable productivity, and battery-powered equipment is the general trend, whether it is from an environmental protection perspective or a safety perspective. The epiroc st7 , also called atlas copco st7, puts the battery at the back of the device, and the battery provides power for two powerful motors. The epiroc st7 battery scooptram st7 achieves zero emissions, which means that the ventilation requirements are greatly reduced. Scooptram st7 will reduce ventilation requirements. Compared with diesel equipment, battery-powered equipment has reduced energy consumption by 80% and heat emissions by 80%. More importantly, battery scooptram st7 does not have any exhaust emissions. Epiroc st7 is developed based on customer needs, such as the high ventilation costs of deep mining in mines. If emissions can be reduced, a lot of costs can be saved. The most in need of repair-the engine are no longer needed, so the most and maintenance becomes simpler. Epiroc st7 can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of deep mining in mines.

epiroc st1030

Epiroc st1030 has a high production capacity, which means that the production efficiency is also high. Epiroc st1030, also called atlas copco st1030, is the scooptram of many large mining operations in the world. The equipment has a sturdy frame and transmission system, and daily maintenance is fast, simple, safe, and efficient. At the same time, in the cab of epiroc st1030, the operator’s environment is also very comfortable.


Sandvik is an engineering group specializing in mining and rock excavation, metal cutting, and material technology. Sandvik is firmly committed to improving customer productivity, profitability, and safety. The company has a wealth of professional knowledge and experience in working with customers, Marche. Sandvik has about 10 models of scooptram for sale. Sandvik scooptram is also the machine of choice for many mining operations in the world.

Scooptram sandvik lh410

Scooptram Sandvik LH410 has a sturdy ROPS, a closed cab and a safe passage, which can form invisible protection to the operator to a certain extent. In addition, scooptram sandvik lh410 has a color touch screen display in the cab, which can provide service information, simple system diagnostics and alarm files. Scooptram Sandvik LH410 can reduce the cost per ton by extending component life and robust structure. Many consumers will give priority to Scooptram sandvik lh410.

Scooptram sandvik lh514

Scooptram sandvik lh514 is a compact underground loader, compatible with automation, and has a good reputation as the industry’s preferred scooptram. The underground scooptram shoveling and transporting has a load capacity of 14 metric tons and excellent operator ergonomics, and can provide uninterrupted high production efficiency at low cost per ton. Scooptram sandvik lh514 can provide a wide range of options to ensure optimal application in any mine. In addition, the scooptram has a low-emission engine to ensure sustainable mining. Routine maintenance on the ground level can achieve safer maintenance.


Aramine is a leader in the mining field. Over decades, with its wealth of expertise, it has now become the partner of choice for many mining and underground operations. As the world-renowned scooptram for sale, Aramine has a history of more than 45 years and operates in 88 countries.

MiniLoader L110E

The MiniLoader L110E has a transport capacity of one ton, and it is specially designed for narrow underground mining operations. The scooptram cab is located on the side, which can provide a comfortable and safe working environment for operators and maintenance personnel. In addition, it is also equipped with a sturdy cable reel, allowing the use of miniLoader with lower noise and low ventilation.


Sandvik is the internationally renowned best scooptram for sale in the world. Among them, Scooptram sandvik lh410 has superior performance, and many people prefer to choose Scooptram sandvik lh410. Sometimes you may choose a cheap scooptram, but then its maintenance cost will be higher. There are many scooptram for sale in the world now. You only need to figure out your scooptram needs and choose a scooptram for sale company that can satisfy you. If you are not sure where to start, we are sure that some of the scooptram for sale we discussed above will give you a good start.

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