How to ensure safety underground mining

underground mining technology


With the development of the social economy, underground mine has a lot of disadvantages, such as low mining levels, the increasing need for mineral products, and inadequate safety management. And other factors that cause the occurrence of mine accidents. The problems result in casualties, environmental damage, economic loss, equipment damage. The blog post next introduces what we should do to ensure safety underground mining.

Properly evaluate orebody development on the underground mine

By the occurrence conditions of ore bodies, you can select different ore deposit development methods to ease the transportation of passersby, ventilation, and drainage. The way is a premise for the safety of underground mines. The choice of the deposit development program is of importance to the next working underground mining.

Correctly calculate the accuracy of ore block of underground mining

Underground mine ore block work means to the predetermined plan and drawings, tunneling a series of the roadway so as to, at an underground mine, create the necessary conditions for cutting and mine block to work. So, the work is significant for underground mines, which requires not only absolute security for underground mines but also needs underground mine equipment that can high-efficiently dig a tunnel.

Safely and unerringly ore block cutting at underground mining

Underground mining equipment opens up free ground and greatly high space for orebody in order to create necessary working conditions for mine ore block. This condition can offer a safe and efficient workspace to workers in the underground mine. However, UndergroundScaling Jumbo, made in China Fucheng, is specifically used for miningthe greatly high space of undergroundmine machine, which is a professional underground mining equipment manufacturer. Not only that, but Fucheng also produces other underground mining equipment, such as Fucheng Underground Jumbo Drill, Fucheng Underground Scaling Jumbo, Fucheng Underground Mining Scooptram, Fucheng Underground Mining Trucks, and so on. Fucheng has already been making underground mine equipment for almost tween years, which is a pretty reliable China supplier.

Smoothly produce ore at the underground mine

Productionore is the process of extracting ore from underground mines. Ore blocks, which is the core of the underground mine. Produce ore usually consists of three operations. Firstly, the operation of removing ore with suitable lumpiness from an orebody; Secondly, ore drawing, the operation of transporting underground mined ore from the falling face to the transport level face; Last, ground pressure management, including the maintenance of the goaf filling and various supports.

For the above steps, using mining equipment from Fuhcheng can easily finish those operations. Meanwhile, this mine equipment possesses strong support, which offers a safety promise for workers in the underground mine. This advantage makes ore mined more smoothly and safely at underground mines. In addition to this, our manufacturer, Fucheng from China, also sells all kinds of Underground mining equipment for metals. For example, Underground Mining Equipment For Gold Mine, Underground Mining Equipment For Copper Mine, Underground Mining Equipment For Iron Mine, and so on. Fucheng’s website is Quickly buy now!


Ensure safety underground mine. The key lies in underground mine preparation before the actual mine, efficient and energy-saving mine equipment, and necessary underground mine safety equipment. In order to promote mine engineering to get rid of the difficulty of existing, our Fucheng manufacturer will constantly research and innovate mine equipment and greatly sell all kinds of underground mine equipment. The superest advantage is that it possesses a professional and reliable technical research and development team, which can more excellently design and manufacture underground mine equipment according to the needs of customers.

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