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Underground Mining Scoop Tram Ultimate Guide

so, do you know about Copper Mining Equipment? In other words, we know that copper plays an important role in the industry. But the copper we use directly in industrial production is not the most primitive copper ore. After that, To get copper, you need to extract materials from copper ore. So today, let’s talk about some knowledge about copper mining.
You cannot directly use mined copper ore. That is to say, the copper content of the ore is usually less than one percent. We need to smelt and purify copper ore. After removing impurities, the copper content reaches 99%.

Classification of Copper Ore

We can determine the type of ore by analyzing its chemical composition. There are two kinds of copper ore in nature, copper oxide, and copper sulfide. The shallow surface contains a large number of copper oxide ores. In addition, there are sufficient reserves of copper oxide. However, the disadvantage of copper oxide is that the copper content is extrinsic. Refining one ton of copper requires about one hundred tons of copper oxide ore. But refining and processing copper oxide are not expensive. Therefore, mining copper oxide is still very profitable.

Most importantly, the smelting and extraction cost of copper sulfide is higher than that of copper oxide. Then, copper sulfide has a much higher copper content than copper oxide. But the downside is that copper sulfide ore reserves are relatively small.
To sum up, whether copper mine engineers mine oxidized copper ore or sulfide copper ore requires specific analysis. In short, the best option is to mine both ores. This way you can get the maximum profit.

Copper Mining Equipment

From a general perspective, copper mining mainly includes three parts. First, we use underground lhd mining equipment to mine copper ore. Then, we use the underground lhd to transport the copper ore to the processing place. Finally, using large machines, the copper ore is smelted and purified.
To sum up, in the mining and transportation of copper mines, underground mining equipment is indispensable.

1. Underground Jumbo Drill

Similarly, drilling jumbo is essential equipment for copper mining. Meanwhile, drilling jumbo plays a significant role in the whole process of copper mining. Meanwhile, we can use Drilling jumbo to punch holes to get more samples. We can’t wait until the entire mine to find out that the ore doesn’t meet the requirements. We will pay dearly for doing so. Therefore, using Drilling jumbo to obtain ore specimens is the most sensible choice.

Also, in the middle of the mine, we wanted to know how deep the ore was left, and we couldn’t do without Drilling jumbo. Likewise, this Drilling jumbo punching arm has a length of 3 meters and a drilling speed of 0.8 to 2 m/min per minute. So in a brief period, we can know how much copper ore in front of us can be mined. Above all, with the help of Drilling jumbo, the mining plan of the entire project can be advanced in an orderly manner.


Overall size(L×W×H)7050×920×1750 mm
Hole diameterΦ33~Φ102 mm
Drill pipe length3050 mm
Hole depth2.7 m
Drilling speed0.8~2 m/min
Section (W×H)2×2~3.5×3.5 m
Climbing capability (smooth-riding surface)25%
Total weight≈6500 kg

Walking aids:

Engine power32.2 KW
Running speed2.5 km/h
Min. turning radius4.5 m


Up and downup 55°, down 16°
Swing boominner 31°, outer31°
Compensation1500 mm


Pitchingdown105°, up15°
Swing angleinner45°, outer45°
Total length4150 mm
Hole depth2700 mm
Max. Propulsion9000 N
Impact flow30~45 L/min
Impact oil pressure14~16 Mpa
Torque60~260 N·m
Impact energy100~200 J
Impact frequency34~67 Hz
Rotating speed200~400 r/min

Air system:

Blowing hole air pressure0.7 MPa
Oil tank air pressure0.03 MPa
Rock drill air pressure0.4 MPa

Water system:

Rock drill water pressure(≥)1.2 MPa
Colder water pressure(≤)0.6 MPa

2. Underground Scaling Jumbo

When officially mining copper mines, we generally blast the mining area first. Subsequently, there will be significant and small broken ores on the site after shooting. But there will be a lot of broken ore on the mountain’s rock face. The ores didn’t fall off entirely, but they weren’t firmly attached to the mine either. If we do not clean up these bits and pieces of ore, to sum up, they can be dangerous for subsequent ore processing.

On the one hand, the ore will fall and smash the machine due to external factors. On the other hand, falling gravel can also injure workers. Moreover, we have to use the Underground Scaling Jumbo to clean up such rubble. Further, the front working arm of this Underground Scaling Jumbo has a folding function. Not only that, there is a hydraulic hammer in the swing cylinder, which is an important source of power for the Underground Scaling Jumbo. Flexibility is the biggest advantage of Underground Scaling Jumbo. Even in a very complex working environment, it can clean up gravel at any angle.

Height1850MM(down to 1560MM)
Max. working height6000MM
Impact energy450J
Arm length5848MM
Turning angle40º
Turning radius2248MM
Grade ability≤25º
Traveling speed0-7KM/h

3. Underground Mining Loader/Underground LHD machine/Scooptram

In addition, with the environmental protection requirements, the requirements for the exhaust gas of scrapers are getting lower and lower. This Underground Mining Loader achieves zero exhaust emissions. Even under poor underground ventilation, it will not pollute the environment. How to explain the advantages of zero exhaust emissions? We know that airflow is poor in relatively closed underground mining sites. After that, It would be wrong if the underground mining equipment were working with a lot of exhaust gas and dust.

Firstly, the voltage of the electric scraper is 380V-1140V. Secondly, it is equipped with a leakage protection system to ensure the safety of the staff. Further, its automatic cable winding system keeps the cable tension in an acceptable range and improves the service life of the cable. Moreover, the long cable design extends the operating range of the LHD. In addition, the central hinge of the lock bar makes the LHD safer and more reliable. To sum up, the Underground Mining Loader can achieve zero emissions thanks to the electric powertrain.


4. Underground Mining Trucks

To clarify, the Underground Dump Truck can transport copper ore to the ground. Then we use other transport vehicles, such as trains or large trucks, to transport the copper ore to the processing site. Certainly, it can meet the requirements of safe use and work efficiency. Firstly, the turning radius is a fundamental statistic. Therefore, underground mining space is limited. Due to the small working space, the Underground Dump Truck was required to work flexibly.

The second is the load capacity of the underground card. Generally speaking, the larger the load capacity, the better. Because this can transport more copper ore out, this Underground Dump Truck has a rated load capacity of 15 tons. The forward speed is 22 kilometers per hour.

If you’re asking how this underground truck drives, it’s bound to surprise you. Compared to a two-wheel drive, this underground truck is a four-wheel drive. We tested its ultimate carrying capacity, and it was great. In the case of almost full load, it can still move fast on the road with steeper slopes. Now let me introduce you to other advantages of this underground truck. The highest-strength steel plate makes it particularly durable. No matter the rough conditions, this underground truck will never fail unexpectedly.

radeability:15°Bucket volume:7.5 m3Weight(empty):15.1t
Hydraulic oil tank:160LMax. Traction:180 kNPower:165KW/2300rpm
Diesel oil tank:180 LMax. Discharging angle:60°Number of cylinders:6
3rd Gear:22.5km/hMax. Swing angle:40°Displacement:7.2 L

Importance of copper mining

We have mentioned earlier the importance of copper in production and life. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of copper.

  1. Firstly, copper is very malleable
    In terms of metal ductility, copper is a perfect metal to reshape. We can process copper into excellent conductive filaments. Not only that, we can also process copper into thin copper sheets. No matter what shape we work the copper into, it won’t break.
  2. Secondly, copper has good conductivity
    For example, no other metal can replace copper’s role in the electrical industry. Its electrical and thermal conductivity is higher than that of different metals. We use copper to make transformers and other conductors in the electrical industry.
  3. Further, copper is very durable
    Meanwhile, we know that if the iron metal is in the air for too long, it will oxidize and rust. Moreover, copper has a protective metal layer. Further, it maintains its metallic stability even over millennia.
  4. Moreover, copper recycling
    Most importantly, if there is any metal that pollutes the environment the least, it is copper. On the other hand, copper can be recycled and reused. Subsequently, copper makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

Conclusion for Copper Mining Equipment

In short, copper mining is controversial in various countries. Moreover, production and life are inseparable from copper. On the other hand, copper mining will pollute the environment. Scientists are also working to find new energy sources to reduce copper mining. However, copper mining is inevitable no matter what. Because the market demand for copper is enormous, there is still a lot of profit space.

Therefore, in mining copper, we have tried every means to reduce pollution to the environment. Meanwhile, Fucheng has been developing environmentally friendly underground mining equipment. Because we understand that mineral resources need to be extracted, we also have an obligation to protect the environment. In conclusion, there are dozens of types of Fucheng’s underground mining equipment. Consequently, we are the most professional in the manufacture of copper mining equipment.

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