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If you are going to start a subsurface mining business, but don’t know enough about it. Then don’t worry. This blog will give you a comprehensive introduction to all things related to subsurface mining. However, the safety requirements of underground mines are very high. Therefore, when you start a confidential mining business, you must grasp every job of underground mining. The following article will introduce you one by one.After reading it, you will have harvest about starting a subsurface mining business.

What is subsurface mining?

The definition of subsurface mining is mining operations below the surface. So, the mining industry also called it as ”sub surface mining.”Explicitly speaking, subsurface mining is to continuously export minerals to the surface by digging tunnels or shafts underground. Most subsurface mine people in business usually use this form of mining in non-coal metal mines and coal mines. Because underground mining operations do not produce significant changes in the surface landscape like surface mining operations, as long as the minerals are not on the shallow surface, you can select the underground mining methods.

The common subsurface mining methods

In the development of modern industry, mineral resources have an essential value and role. Analyzing the importance and role of metal ore resources and exploring scientific, rational, and economical mining methods and means can fundamentally enhance the ability and level of metal ore mining. At present, there are two main methods of metal mining in my country: open-pit mining and subsurface mining. The open-pit mining method is convenient and straightforward, with high safety, low cost, and no strict requirements. However, as the demand for metal mines increases, the mining environment becomes more challenging. The depth of the mines is slowly increasing, and the minerals are subject to different degrees of wear. Subsurface mining technology is now more critical.


1.Open field mining method

This kind of technical means is a technical means applied in subsurface mining. It is necessary to adopt specific technical standards according to the actual situation to carry out the reinforcement treatment of the goaf by preserving or permanently retaining the ore pillars and supporting the goaf to deal with the empty field shape of the goaf area. Above all, in the development of the mine wall in the subsurface mining area, it is necessary to scientifically analyze it and conduct sampling processing through comprehensive analysis to achieve the purpose of improving the quality and quantity of mining. The open-field mining technology mainly includes stage, complete, and room-and-pillar mining methods.

2.Caving subsurface mining method


In the subsurface mining of metal mines, the leading caving mining comprises two subsurface mining methods: subsection and layering. The basis for the application of caving mining is the caving of surrounding rock in the surrounding mining area. The primary purpose is to analyze the subsurface mining, carry out the underground mine caving treatment through natural or forced methods, fill the surrounding rock into the goaf mining area, strengthen the control and management of low pressure during the treatment, and do an excellent job in the management work. Caving mining is a meaningful way and means in mining metal mines at this stage. The ore must be continuously mined in the caving so that it can form a subsection rock formation. When problems such as caving occur around the ore body in the rock formation, It is necessary to deal with it in time, quickly supplement the goaf, and strengthen the reasonable control of the goaf, so as to meet the actual needs of the surrounding rock and achieve the effect of improving the unstable state of the surrounding rock.


3.Remaining ore mining method

The ore-keeping mining method mainly involves stacking and accumulating the metal ores mined underground. The ore retention mining technology is primarily applied in the mining area with stable ore. Mining ore bodies by manual operation can achieve the effect of precipitation of ore bodies under long-term accumulation. They can also use in subsurface mining operations in the future. With the ore retention method technology, it is necessary to place metal ore in the mining of metal ore and stack ores and ore pillars in the reserved part to realize the practical mining of the ore body. In practice, the application of this method has stricter requirements on the surrounding environment to achieve the effect of improving the quality of surrounding rock.

4.Infill subsurface mining method


With the working face expanded in metal mining, the depth of subsurface mining is also continuously expanding by filling. The gob is backfilled with filler to strengthen the clot, thereby improving the mining quality. In filling, it is mainly processed in the mining stage. It is necessary to build ore pillars, fillers, and artificial reinforcement systems. This underground mining method can effectively avoid problems such as mining area collapse in subsurface mining of metal mines and improve the ground height. Laying the groundwork for other subsurface mining operations.

How to choose a suitable subsurface mining method

underground mining equipment

Choosing a suitable underground mining method needs to be determined by combining different technical characteristics. According to the geological conditions of the subsurface mine, the stability of the ore can be judged, and then provide a good premise for the application of the underground mining method. Therefore, in the process of subsurface mining, it is necessary to investigate the deposit geology in depth. state, obtain data parameters, preliminarily select mining methods, analyze the technical economy, carry out detailed technical and economic calculations, comprehensively analyze, and determine the optimal plan. Mainly the following 4 points:

  • Determining the magnitude of compactly aggregated in-situ stress
  • Determine the quality requirements of metal ore and apply reasonable underground mining methods
  • Determine the occurrence conditions of metal ore and determine the underground mining method
  • Determination of underground mining methods based on methods and parameters and economic indicators

While reasonable application of underground mining methods, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different underground mining methods, and reasonable determination of underground mining methods according to metal ore parameters, subsurface mine indicators, and underground ore occurrence conditions can fundamentally improve the quality and effect of metal ore mining.

How to buy underground mining equipment


1.Find a reliable mining equipment industry

It is wise for you to buy new underground mining equipment from an underground mining equipment manufacturer. Especially if you plan to have a long-term subsurface mine business, the new sub surface mining equipment is durable and can serve your subsurface mine business for a long time. Also, you buy underground mining equipment directly from the factory and will save a lot of service fees and agency fees. Today I recommend you an underground mining equipment manufacturer from China. Fucheng is a sub surface mining equipment manufacturing factory. And the engine on its equipment is all imported brand German DEUTZ. Meanwhile, Fucheng, as sub surface mining equipment manufacturer, can provide you with a very favorable price.

2.Contact an underground mining equipment trader


Maybe you’re just starting a subsurface mining business and have few avenues to buy underground mining equipment. You aren’t enough to learn much about subsurface mining equipment. Meanwhile, you can select a professional machine trade company. Firstly, you can ask them about the type of equipment you need. Secondly, you can ask them to introduce several underground mining equipment manufacturers. One downside is that the purchase cost can be relatively high.

3.Buy used underground mining equipment

At the beginning of the subsurface mine business, if your capital is tight, you can buy some used underground mining equipment. This will greatly save your subsurface mine business starting costs. But you need to check these used underground mining equipment carefully when buying is the functional condition normal.

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4.Rent underground mining equipment from servicer

If you don’t often use underground mining equipment, you can rent underground mining equipment. After the use is over, you can return it to the service provider who provides the lease. So, this method is only suitable for the subsurface mine business with almost unusable sub surface mining equipment.


However, this detailed guide will help your subsurface mine business. If you start to buy underground mining equipment. You can try to contact Fucheng. Fucheng is a professional sub surface mining manufacturer. It manufactures underground mining equipment that can make your sub surface mining smoothly. Come on!

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