Top 10 Gold Mining Companies


Gold mining has made history in the year 2020 when its prices have reached heights. According to the latest news, it has been discovered that around 244,000 tonnes of gold have been discovered to date and it is the historic production of gold, which is observed in the past years. If you love finding information about mining and its process, then before understanding all such things, you must have an idea about the Top 10 gold Mining Companies. Today, we will discuss in detail about gold mining companies.

What Do Mining Companies Do?

Before understanding all about the best gold mining companies, we believe that you must have a quick idea about what they do. Such companies perform the extraction of minerals from the core of the earth. They all use technology and advanced equipment to perform all the mining tasks. These days, mining tasks are also performed in the construction industry. They have a well-trained team, who offers the best mining services. The commodities which are extracted in the process of mining include coal, uranium, bauxite, gold, phosphate rock, zinc, copper, iron ore, and steel.

Top Gold Mining Companies You Should Know


Newmont Goldcorp

Newmont Goldcorp is a leading gold mining company, which made it rank on the top-most position among the list of the Top 10 gold Mining Companies. Besides this, they are the biggest producer of lead, silver, copper, and even zinc. They serve their mining operations across the areas of South America, Australia, Africa, and other major locations.

Being one of the largest gold mining company in the world, this gold mining company is founded in the year 1921 and it is treated as the best one in the year 1925.  While talking about the awards and recognition of Newmont Goldcorp, then they have a huge list of awards that they got with their amazing work. In the year 2020, they are ranked in the 13th position of the top miners in 3BL Media’s. They are ranked on the Top 10 gold Mining Companies by Fortune and they are also ranked World’s most admired companies.

Barrick Gold

The mission of this highly rated gold mining company is to become the best and top-valued mining business owner. They always deal in finding and developing the best assets, which made them be in the second position of Top 10 gold Mining Companies. They have worked in around 13 countries, namely Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and many others.

As one of the largest gold mining company in the world, they all deal in multiple operations related to mining including gold and copper. Being one of the trending gold mining companies, they have an amazing portfolio. This gold mining is so much successful, which made them have shares with multiple companies including New York Stock Exchange and ABX.


Franco-Nevada is one of the leading and 3rd on the position of Top 10 gold Mining Companies. It is the company, which all deals in gold mining. They have an amazing portfolio and other cash-flow-producing assests. They are available on the New York Stock exchange and Toronto under the symbol of FNV. The team at Franco-Nevada aims to minimizing all the risks which are involved in the process of mining, while not compromising on the environmental changes.

This gold mining company work as a small-scale company and in the year 2021, they comes up with 35 employees. They all deals in all the operations of mining within the areas of Australia, the United States of America, Barbados, and other regions. Due to their amazing policies and work flow, it has been ranked on the top-most position of gold mining companies.

Polyus Gold

When it is about the largest producer of gold in Russia, they have mined around 104 million ounces of gold, which is completely record-breaking. They also ranked one of the lowest cost profiles for gold. They have their operating miles in Republic of Sakha, Krasnoyark Territory, Magadan region, and other regions. Being the best and Top 10 gold Mining Companies, they are the one who is ranked on the 4th position. You can get all the information about them on their official website at

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited is Canada based Top 10 gold Mining Companies. They are the ones, who all deals in the mining process since 1957. They deal in the mining services all across Mexico, Finland, Canada, and other locations. Their policy is the only thing, which makes them different from other gold mining companies.

The team at Agnico Eagle Mines Limited, started their operations in the year 1953. It is the company, which deals in offering low operational risk, and offers free cash flow. Sean Boyd is the chairman of Agnico Eagle Mines Limited.

Newcrest Mining

NewCrest Mining is Australia based Top 10 gold Mining Companies. It is the company, which all deals in metallurgical processing, deep underground block caving, and exploration. In the year 2017, they have joined International Council on Mining and Metals, where they have worked along with 25 mining companies. The Newcrest Mining is having its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, Canada, and Papua New.

The thing that makes Newcrest Mining different from the others is their way of doing safe and sustainable business. Newcrest Mining as one of the largest gold mining companies, they are a group of best people, who always deal in offering the best services to their customers. The portfolio is the only thing, which makes them different from the others mining services providers.

Kinross Gold

Kinross Gold is found in the year 1993, and they are the one who is having an amazing portfolio in terms of the mining process. They offer all their services in Brazil, Russia, Ghana, Russia, the United States of America and Chile. Amazing things that you can receive from Kinross Gold include disciplined growth, responsible mining, balance sheet strength, and many more. They are available on multiple social media platforms involving LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and many more. The team at Kinross Gold always keep their customers on priority and it is the thing, which makes them on the top of the gold mining companies.

Gold Fields

The mission of gold fields is to become the top leader of gold mining companies in the world. They perform their operation all across 5 countries namely, Australia, Peru, South Africa, and Ghana. Currently, this company is having nine mines, which are currently active. They are the one, who has worked along with 17,656 employees, which is completely record-breaking and make them unique as compared to the other gold mining companies. They always ensure to offer safe mining services. While performing their tasks they ensure to keep environment safe, so that their must not impact wildlife and aquatic life.

Anglogold Ashanti

Anglogold Ashanti is having their head office in South Africa and it is an independent and on the position of Top 10 gold Mining Companies.  Like the above-discussed companies, it is the company which is having an amazing portfolio. They are the one who offers their services to all across nine countries including four continents. It is ranked the third largest producer of gold globally.

It is the company, which is listed on Ghana stock exchange, Australia, and even the Johannesburg. They are the ones, who always ensure that their employees and team must feel safe while they are offering their services. As on December, 2020 they have capitalization of around $9.4 bn.

Yamana Gold

Yamana Gold is the other company, which is all listed in the 10th position among our Top 10 gold Mining Companies. It is a Canada based company, which is a producer of gold and silver. They offer all their mining services within the areas of Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Chile, and other locations. The team at Yamana gold is famous due to its friendly mining operations. It is the company, which is all having its shares at New York Stock Exchange, London Stock exchange, and Toronto Stock exchange.


At last, we hope that you have cleared with Top 10 gold Mining Companies. We believe that the above information is very much useful for you when you are a lover of mining and want to grab information about mining. Keep on reading on our website if you want to read the information on the gold mining companies.

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