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Camión subterráneo

Los camiones subterráneos también se conocen como camiones mineros subterráneos, camiones volquete subterráneos. Los camiones de minería subterránea Fucheng están diseñados para transportar material rocoso de manera segura, eficiente y confiable en condiciones extremas. Los camiones subterráneos son resistentes, compactos y potentes, ofrecen cargas útiles de 15 a 60 toneladas y operan a un bajo costo por tonelada.

Underground mining trucks are also known as Underground dump trucks.

These underground dump trucks are massive units of heavy equipment used to transport large quantities of loose components. For example, dirt, sand, ores, gravel, and demolition waste between mining, civil, and significant construction sites using Underground LHD machines or scooptrams and then transported and dumped at a designated area.

The underground dump truck's primary feature is the hydraulically driven dump box, enabling operators to raise and tip loads.

Articulation is a term that refers to the hinged connection between the cab and the dump box. Underground mining trucks with articulation are ubiquitous in the mining industry.

Articulated dump trucks are massive, heavily loaded dump trucks used off-road to carry bulk loads over rugged terrain.

We are a well-known manufacturer of articulated underground mining vehicles.

Fucheng underground mining trucks are usually all-wheel drive, and the operator steers the rig by pivoting the front cab portion relative to the dump box rear using hydraulic rams. This mechanism helps the dump truck's wheels to follow the same route, making it a perfect off-road vehicle.

An underground mining truck capable of operating in underground tunnels without compromising performance, capacity, or operator comfort is needed for hard rock operations.

Fucheng underground trucks provide a dependable haulage solution with a fuel-efficient engine and the industry's most rugged parts at an affordable cost per ton.

Additionally, we deliver payload capacities of up to 35 tonnes, allowing them to meet the production demands of even the most prominent underground operations.

In terms of manufacturing underground dump trucks, Fucheng always ensures the quality of the following key features.

High Power-train Engine

  • Fucheng Underground mining trucks are available with a variety of powerful engine options from German manufacturer DEUTZ. This Company keeps its reputation, ensuring the engines have the highest standard.
  • DEUTZ engines deliver both power and efficiency. Engine and exhaust after-treatment(EAT) systems are optimized for maximum system performance, resulting in the lowest possible consumption and operating costs.
  • In contrast to Tier 3 engines, SCR technology is more excellent, and the engine sizes do not need to be increased.
  • These engines use significantly less fuel. As a result, the engine's output, superior replacement component availability, and cost-effectiveness contribute to high service performance.
  • There are numerous mechanical and electronic engine kits available, which enable vehicles to be modified for specific applications or to comply with regulatory requirements.

Dump Bodies

  • The Fucheng underground mining dump body is lightweight and curved, which minimizes material hang-up and operational costs.
  • Tubs come in a variety of sizes to suit inside the underground tunnels. For axle splits and gross vehicle weight, all custom body designs conform to OEM requirements.
  • Tubs are built with four lift points on the sides to make them easy to mount on any OEM chassis. Fucheng Engineers mount mining dump bodies using the OEM hoist and pivot pins.
  • All upper surfaces are reinforced with solid impact bars to withstand impact and wear and reinforce high-impact areas.
  • Both internal joints have shallow angular transitions to minimize the initiation of material hang-up.
  • Improved material flow through redesigned body panels and improved dump angle
  • Fucheng uses large radius adjustments and lowered profiles to minimize material hang-up.

Advanced Exhaust Purifier

  • The Fucheng Exhaust Purifier is a primary way of removing harmful PM while reducing poisonous NO2 emissions.
  • We now have a passively regenerating PDF available that operates in a broad temperature range.
  • These purifiers have been tested for underground mining vehicles and are listed by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Advanced Hydraulic System

  • Fucheng installed an advanced hydraulic system in the underground mining vehicle to ensure optimal load power.
  • These hydraulic cylinders are part of a modern range of series devices with a larger diameter and lift more weight.
  • These cylinders have undergone special testing, using high-quality, high-precision steel pipe construction, resulting in a higher overall working pressure and elastic modulus power.
  • We updated the seals' system to ensure that the oil will not leak under high pressure and in a lousy working setting.
  • In addition, we updated the guide ring structure with improved slipping material to allow the hydraulic cylinder to lift more smoothly and long duty life.

Safe Operator Compartment

  • Fucheng Underground Mining trucks have a modern cabin with excellent operator ergonomics.
  • Underground transport trucks cannot transform 180 degrees in position and then drive in most underground tunnels. As a result, the driver's cab is typically located on the right side of the vehicle's chassis, allowing the drivers to sit side by side.
  • He needs to subtly deflect his head To view and work back and forth.
  • Furthermore, the driver's cab is situated in the front frame, far from the ore pass, advantageous to the driver's protection and health.
  • A supportive seat with low-frequency pneumatic suspension adjusts to the operator's weight, flexible steering wheel, and armrests.

Multiple Capacity and Dump truck Sizes

  • Fucheng underground mining trucks have a variety of size choices to accommodate every underground tunnel size.
  • The usable bucket capacity ranges from 4 m3 to 17 m3.
  • The usable rated volume varies from 8 to 35 tons (16000 lbs) (70000 lb).
  • Furthermore, the dimensions range from 7100*1820*2300mm to 9200*2396*2450mmor smaller.

Underground mining trucks from Fucheng are high-capacity trucks designed for fast and effective underground haulage.

These dump trucks have much of the same outstanding features as their ancestor. Also, heavier loads weighing up to 35 tons are expertly handled by dump trucks.

High speeds on inclines and other following characteristics are built-in advantages that render the truck dependable, stable, simple to steer and sustain.


  • Underground mining trucks from Fucheng are convenient to operate. The Clean, Smooth Hood lines aided the increased visibility.
  • The Driver cabin is available with all of the requisite control buttons and knobs on the right side.
  • Our user guide is easy to follow. This guide will assist you in maintaining your dump truck.
  • The assembly of these dump trucks is transparent. When it comes to repairs, you can quickly disassemble and reassemble the component.


  • The driver safety is certified through a certificate of conformity and a certificate of compliance. The Fucheng Mining trucks are put through a series of tests to ensure that it is both user-friendly and stable.
  • Big, quick access to the operator's compartment decreases the risk of an accident.
  • When insufficient hydraulic oil pressure or electrical faults are observed, the fail-safe braking mechanism unlocks with a spring-applied braking system.
  • Operation interlocks prevent accidental system activation.
  • Slips and slides are reduced thanks to three-point mounting and anti-slip measures.
  • Isolation of hot components are available to avoid burns and fires

Environmentally Friendly

  • These Underground mining trucks are engineered for the underground mining operation, with exhaust cooling and particulate filtering systems that follow the highest requirements to run with the lowest heat rejection and lowest possible pollution.
  • Fucheng dump trucks do not release exhaust gases due to their exhaust purification method, and they are designed for underground mining, where exhaust gas is a common occurrence. As a result, these loaders are suitable for the community.


  • DEUTZ engines are licensed and feature clean carbon and class-leading fuel usage. Rugged steel structure engineered to survive the typical thrusts and friction of the hard rock mining environment.
  • Heavy-duty all-mechanical powertrain with Dana parts for a rigid platform and long service life; the powertrain, when coupled with load-sensing hydraulics, provides outstanding maneuverability, higher ramp speeds, and more relaxed ride.
  • Advanced hydraulic systems of piston pumps provide improved stabilization.
  • Fucheng vehicles are diesel devices for heavy-duty applications
  • Pins in the form of a collet for minor wear and less upkeep


  • Using the engine exhaust brake, DEUTZ prolongs the life of the brakes.
  • Overspeed protection for the engine is available.
  • Converter lockup improves energy transmission efficiency and extends component life.
  • Powertrain modules that are more durable, resulting in reduced repair costs.
  • Roller bearings ensure long life at the center hinge.


  • Fucheng Mining trucks are mechanically simple, with little electrical or computer structures.
  • Centralized lubrication helps to maintain the vehicle easily.
  • Ground-level maintenance eliminates the need for climbing.
  • On-board maintenance is available for troubleshooting.


  • The high power-to-weight ratio allows for better performance while traveling at high speeds on inclines.
  • The optimized dump box ensures fast and clean dumping.
  • Multiple sizes and capacities combine power and efficiency to provide efficient transportation in underground tunnels.
  • Fucheng vehicles are simple to operate and study, and the controls are simple to set up.
  • Rugged systems and heavy-duty materials increase vehicle uptime


  • The driver's cabin is encased in a steel frame, and the spacious seats guarantee that this automobile provides excellent support and increases the drivers' satisfaction.
  • A fire control device, whether manual or automated, eliminates the chance of a fire.
  • With a centrally placed service station, servicing is easy.
  • At service entry points, anti-skid materials are included.

Customer Support

  • On a global scale, Fucheng can have the level of support you need. Expert technicians have the skills, expertise, instruction, and equipment to handle the repair and maintenance requirements.
  • As Fucheng Vehicles hit the market, they are sponsored by a global network of dependable and timely parts storage centers, distributor repair centers, and professional training facilities that keep the equipment up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Throughout its working life, Fucheng equipment is engineered and constructed to have total efficiency and operating economy. With its unrivaled worldwide parts support, qualified mechanics, and customer support arrangements, the Technician will be there with you.
  • Fucheng offers various advanced technology goods that are engineered to boost performance, growth, and cost savings.
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