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El cargador de minería subterránea también se conoce como Scooptram. Los cargadores de minería subterránea Fucheng están diseñados para transporte de alta producción y bajo costo por tonelada en aplicaciones de minería subterránea. La construcción resistente y el mantenimiento simplificado garantizan una larga vida útil con bajos costos operativos.

Las cargadoras articuladas Fucheng con tracción en las cuatro ruedas con capacidades que van de 1,4 a 4 toneladas se han diseñado teniendo en cuenta la seguridad, el rendimiento y la fiabilidad del conductor. El diseño resistente pero sencillo requiere poco mantenimiento y es duradero, con una gran funcionalidad y opciones que le ayudarán a ahorrar dinero en sus facturas de servicios públicos.

Fast and effective loading

The LHD(load haul dumper)mining underground loader line is designed to excavate drifts of any height quickly. The amount of time and resources expended on a project is reduced when it is loaded effectively.

Availability of different LHD machines sizes and features

These LHD mining machines have various trucks to suit your transportation requirements for underground mining and tunnel applications.

Valuable update

The LHD scoop is built to fulfill your requirements and add value to the machine, from mobile machinery to automatic functions and electric mining vehicles.

Ready for underground mining

The LHD mining machines are designed to be effective. You will be sure to find the perfect bucket loader if you consider protection, ergonomics, and automation functionality. Depending on the requirements, Fucheng provides both diesel-powered and electric-powered Scooptram or LHDs.

Versatile for any use of Loading, Hauling, and Dumping

We can have a wide variety of underground mining and tunnel building uses since our underground mining loaders can take expected loads. You will operate in luxury as an operator of our underground LHD machines, with optional ergonomic controls, growing efficiency, and reducing exhaustion.

Robust Engine

Fucheng LHD machines are available with a variety of diesel engines and electrical sets, depending on the user's needs. Our machines, like many of our parts, are well-known and recognized in the industry. Consequently, high service efficiency is ensured by product quality, superb replacement part supply, and cost-effectiveness. A wide variety of mechanical and electronic engine kits are available, enabling vehicles to be customized for individual applications or satisfy regulatory requirements.

Exhaust Systems

These LHD scoops may be equipped with either a wet exhaust cleaner or a dry particulate filter. A particulate filtration mechanism with an inline purifier and cooling system is used in both the wet and dry exhaust purifiers. Fucheng underground loader manufacturer also developed a patented diesel exhaust solution that complies with the most stringent pollution regulations for employee health and protection. The Fucheng particulate filter is a replaceable filter that absorbs particulate matter and prevents it from being released into the mining environment. A heat exchanger or wet bath scrubber is used to lower exhaust gas temperature, and a catalytic converter is used to reduce gaseous emissions.

The full form of LHD is load haul dump loaders, which are identical to traditional front-end loaders.

The new LHD machine design is suitable for the most demanding solid rock mining applications, emphasizing overall output economy, protection, and durability.

LHD scoops are incredibly rugged, agile, and efficient. Most of the world's underground metal mines rely on LHD loader to handle the muck generated by their excavations.

LHD mining machines are equipped with primary solid drivers, integrated power train technology, robust rotating axles, four-wheel drive, adjustable steering, and customizable functions. Their shorter, longer, and lower profile render them ideal for underground applications where space is reduced in height and distance.

Since duration is not a constraint in a tunnel or fall, LHD loaders are built to be long enough. The length increases axial weight distribution and allows for increased bucket size.

The two-part construction of central articulation supports tracking and controllability. There are restrictions regarding how large a machine you may move in mining, and sometimes, an LHD mining loader may be shifted into a shaft when dismantled.

The load haul dumper (LHD) is an essential part of the development strategy in underground mining operations. The usage of LHD machines is growing as their productivity, adaptability, and performance in harsh mining environments continue to increase.

General Mine Transportation

The usage of underground loaders (LHDs) and haulage carriers to move rock from the excavation face to the production facility or continuous haulage networks is an inextricable part of underground mining exploitation. Underground scooptrams or LHD mining vehicles are more often prevalent in this application in underground mines.

Maintenance works

Precautions, maintainability, and a strategy to solve challenges are all requirements for an underground tunnel. In this situation, LHD loaders are critical in all underground mining maintenance works.

Cabling and Piping Installation

One of the most critical priorities of underground mining is the construction of cabling and piping. In underground mining, the LHD system plays a vital role in increasing cable and pipe installation pace.

Stone Dusting

The most common method of project stone dusting is by LHD machine. LHD machines distribute stone dust to the desired density on the top, sides, and floor. Wet dusting is used in specific locations, especially where it is necessary to do so during production changes. When wet stone dust is applied, the dust's capacity to resist spreading has reduced until the dust is thoroughly dried.

Other LHD Mining Machine applications

LHD mining machines are also often applicable in weighing and loading data management, in addition to the applications listed above. There are a variety of effective mining sensors that can help improve underground mining efficiency.

Fucheng four-wheel-drive articulated loaders with capacities ranging from 1.4 to 4 tons have been designed with driver safety, performance, and reliability in mind. The durable yet straightforward design is low-maintenance and long-lasting, with great functionality and options that will help you save money on your utility bills.

  • The driver safety is certified through a certificate of conformity and a certificate of compliance. The Fucheng Scooptram is put through a series of tests to ensure that it is both user-friendly and stable.
  • The LHD machine's stability is ensured by spring-applied braking and a failsafe mechanism enabled by the low engine, transmission, and hydraulic friction.
  • Fucheng LHD machines in mining have three-point mounting and anti-slip measures to avoid slipping, trips, and crashes. Slips, trips, and falls are all too frequent in the workplace, especially when mounting and dismounting vehicles and other forms of industrial equipment.
  • Heat insulating materials are provided on the exterior limiting surfaces of the passenger cabin of a motor vehicle, ideally to the degree that full heat insulation is obtained.
  • When an illegal maneuver happens, the interlocks mechanism stops operators from doing unsafe activities or reduces the risk of hazardous actions by putting the computer in a specific state.
  • The technician is kept clean and presentable at the Ground Level Maintenance Facility.
  • The all-mechanical heavy-duty diesel and electric engine with engine-to-wheel transmission delivers efficient power to the ground while maximizing tractive effort. Multiple checks and verifications are performed on the components and gears to ensure that the LHD machine is highly efficient and reliable.
  • Small in size High-power architecture improves engine reliability, lowers fuel costs, and decreases emissions, resulting in increased production and a positive return on investment. These devices are fully self-contained in terms of energy consumption.
  • The stable architecture of the Fucheng LHD machine contributes to more minor errors and increased uptime.
  • The bucket geometry's form facilitates the filling phase.
  • The extensive operator cabin configuration allows for outstanding vision and operation of the machine.
  • The LHD machine has access to a variety of services thanks to the Ergonomic Control scheme. In the operator cabin, the operating keys are on the right hand.
  • The LHD underground mining loaders' high operator versatility means that it is user-friendly, resulting in increased efficiency. An operator may operate a computer more quickly if the process is simple. The Fucheng LHD vehicles are incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to control.
  • Fucheng LHD vehicles have undergone extensive training and certification to maintain low life-cycle costs and high availability.
  • The architectures of Fucheng LHD machines are solid and durable. The Scooptram is sturdy and reliable thanks to its steel frame construction. The LHD machine in mining has a long existence because of this robust arrangement.
  • The computer is simple to manage because of the collet-type pins. This facility's simplicity of repair extends the time between replacements.
  • Maximum power in a compact configuration is achieved by the use of efficient and robust engines. In underground operations, Fucheng's heavy-duty mechanical powertrain has proved itself.
  • Hydraulic pressure systems with piston pumps offer excellent performance and extend the life of the equipment.
  • Commercially usable powertrain modules also have high efficiency and availability while also delivering excellent fuel economy.
  • Additionally, MIL-spec parts for severe duty electric systems are included in these LHD scoops.
  • Grease is sent to the correct locations thanks to centralized lubrication.
  • The ease of maintenance contributes to the product's longevity.
  • Fucheng underground mining vehicles have a central articulation joint that allows optimal maneuverability and flexibility when combining oscillation and articulation.
  • LHD scoops are built with enough length to maximize axial weight distribution and increase bucket size. This two-part construction aids tracking and maneuverability.
  • These LHD machines are engineered for the underground mining operation, with exhaust cooling and particulate filtering systems that follow the highest requirements to run with the lowest heat rejection and lowest possible pollution.
  • Fucheng underground mining loaders do not release exhaust gases due to their exhaust purification method, and they are designed for underground mining, where exhaust gas is a common occurrence. As a result, these underground mining loaders are suitable for the community.
  • Furthermore, these underground loaders use less electricity because of their high performance, emit less heat, and produce less noise.
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