Top 10 Necessary Types of Underground Mining Equipments

underground mining technology

Underground mining is an expensive and massive process. Underground mining equipment is also very critical. Therefore, perfection and safety are the most important to consider every step of the day. Thus, miners require high-tech machines and equipment to provide the best for the company. In this case, today’s content will help you do analytical research on the top underground mining equipment for any underground mining.

There are thousands of underground mining equipment available in the world. Depending on the mining types, this underground mining equipment varies. In today’s analytical description, we will demonstrate 12 major categories of underground mining equipment. We will bring you the best underground mining trucks and jumbos for each of the following categories in the latter contents.

Scaling Jumbo

«Look up and live.» Underground mining or underground mining equipment can be dangerous if you are not professional at Scaling. Scaling is one of the most critical processes to do in underground mining. If you want to live, look up. Yes, in this case, you should have a go at a rock that may come down. Scaling is the act of knocking loose gravel off the walls. These loose gravels may fall anytime during the drilling or blasting, which makes vibration. Sometimes, the density of these loose rocks may cross the limitation of the protective suit. So, to avoid accidents, Scaling is obligatory for all the underground mining processes.

Usually, miners observe the wall before they come to decide which Scaling step can be suitable. In this case, they generally perform this action using the Jumbo scaling machine or by people using the arm lifter. A jumbo scaling machine is not suitable for smaller loose rocks. Because it wastes time, in this point, the miners usually ask people to act. The arm lifter lifts them at a particular place. People knock the edge of the loose rocks. In this way, miners perform the Scaling process to reshape the tunnel and reduce the accident. Therefore, Choosing an appropriate underground mining equipment is essential.

Jumbo drill

A drilling jumbo(underground mining equipment) usually consists of one, two, or three rock drill carriage, and jumbo drill is essential for blasting and tunnelling. Miners bolt the carriage onto the chassis. In this case, jumbo drill supports the miner’s cabin and indeed the engine. The high-tech or modern drilling jumbos are comparatively larger. There is a smaller drilling jumbo too, but those are only for the cramped condition. The new drilling jumbos have rubber tires instead of the metallic railing wheel.

On the other hand, the modern drilling jumbos run using diesel oil. Ancient drilling jumbos ran by electricity and compressed gas. In this case, electricity and compressed gas produce no exhaust gas. In the previous content, we have discussed the methods of underground mining. If you flashback to that content, you will understand that every underground mining process method needs to get drilling jumbos. So, in a word, without drilling, underground mining is impossible. Because, starting from the surface till the end, you will need to drill and blast. Therefore, choosing the appropriate drilling jumbos is also essential. Miners also use this jumbo for tunnelling and other facilities. We will bring you the best drilling jumbos based on 2021 market analysis in the following recent contents.

Mining scoop tram

Scooping and carrying are vital processes to consider here. While making the tunnel, miners blast the portion of the tunnel and clean them out. In this case, for cleaning purposes, miners need to get a reliable scooping tram. Scooptrams are the front liner mining team. Therefore, the miners who work for scooping have to be professional and experienced. Because at this moment, miners haven’t done the Scaling yet.

Consequently, it is slightly dangerous to operate. In this case, a robust scoop tram will be the best choice. Therefore, the stability and power of the engine are essential to consider here. There are a good number of manufacturing companies for various underground mining equipment. You can differentiate them in the structure and mechanism panel.

Mining trucks

Underground trucks are also popular as underground mining trucks or underground dump trucks. Every scoop tram needs two or more mining trucks to fasten the speed of scooping materials from the blasted area. The main task of a mining truck is to carry the blasted materials from the underground spot. The scoop tram usually loads these mining trucks, and after that, an underground mining truck transports them safely, efficiently, and reliably in extreme conditions outside the mine. The drivers for mining trucks must be professional. While driving inside a tunnel, they know the mines’ situation at every spot inside the mine.

Similar to the underground scoop tram, choosing the right underground mining truck is crucial. In this case, there a good number of underground mining equipment companies, such as Fucheng, Epiroc, Sandvik, etc. are available recently.

Tunnelling jumbo

Tunnelling jumbo is a multifunctional machine that has an automatic drilling function and boom positioning. A tunnelling jumbo can be a perfect example of a modern high-tech jumbo. Automated drilling increases productivity, quality, and efficiency due to the pre-planned drilling system pattern combined with the data collection system. Moreover, this jumbo can also perform long-hole drilling, cross-cutting, and bolt hole drilling.  One of the advantages of tunnelling jumbo is that its intelligent drilling control system saves drilling time and extra drilling tools.

Arm Lifter

Minor loose rock scaling, inspecting, and marking are the most essential for underground mining. In this case, miners usually use underground hydraulic force system arm lifter. So, it can load more than 1000kg enough to take at least ten people at a time. But that’s not necessary. Usually, 4-5 people and a small heavy machine can complete the Scaling, marking, or other essential tasks.

Underground crane

A crane is a machine with wire chains and sheaves. It is a time saver to lift and place heavy objects. Regarding underground mining, an underground crane is essential, especially for the room and pillar method. Besides raising the other heavy instruments, the underground crane helps a lot. Usually, these cranes are smaller and less powerful than the surface crane. However, it is not necessary for that powerful underground crane inside the tunnel.

Transport vehicles

Think that the tunnel is 2 km and you need to carry the necessary equipment. In that case, you will need to get the underground mining equipment. An underground transport vehicle is essential to transport essential equipment, including machines, tools, and accessories. Usually, these machines run by diesel and with rubber tires. These machines are specially for carrying heavy items and supplements. It undoubtedly saves the day’s work.

Maintenance vehicles

Underground mining requires lots of machinery, explosives and tools. Due to uses, miners maintain their machines and equipment once a week or twice a week. It is necessary to check every machines and device required for underground mining. In this case, underground maintenance vehicles help a lot. Every covert mining initiative requires mining maintenance vehicles. This way, miners can quickly fix their machines with no more waiting. Underground mining equipment undoubtedly increases productivity.

Underground personnel career

An Underground tunnel requires a lot of people in a different section of their work. The elongation of the tunnel increases the work distance, which is time-consuming by foot to reach. Thus, a personnel career is essential to bring in a mining process. If there are different roots in a tunnel, it requires multiple personnel career.  With this, the company can save time, and the employees can start their work in time and full of energy.

Ventilation systems

Oxygen and the presence of other gases have a significant effect inside an underground tunnel. To ensure the airs’ balance inside a tunnel, every company must provide the proper ventilation system inside the ground. Due to the lack of oxygen, the miners will lose their energy and get tired very soon. On the other hand, balancing the temperature and humidity inside the ground is also essential. In this case, the ventilation system helps to make a balance of surface air and underground air.

Oil tank vehicle

There will be a good number of jumbos working inside the tunnel. These jumbos require gallons of diesel. To transport sufficient oil for underground mining, the company needs to get an oil tank vehicle. On the other side, the person in charge will ensure that his oil tank vehicle is ready to deliver diesel to the other jumbos. In this case, two or more than oil tank vehicle is essential. While one is in the delivery, the other one can get loaded.


Besides all of the above underground mining equipment, other vehicles are necessary for mining, such as water transport, public toilet, Foods and drinks, emergency first aid vehicle, etc. The safety and healthy body of the people working inside the ground is the priority for a company. And thus, before starting mining, they all ensure this underground mining equipment sincerely.


For an underground mining journey, these underground mining equipment (mining and quarrying machinery and equipment) are obligatory for a company. We could make you clear about the proper underground mining equipment that is necessary for underground mining. In this case, we haven’t mentioned any specific underground mining equipment. In the latter contents, we will bring you the best underground mining equipment based on the particular reason for mining.

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