Mining equipment manufacturers USA VS. China

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Introduction The mining industry is the economic pillar of global development, and both China and the United States are world mining powers. The technological progress of the mining industry mainly depends on the development of mining equipment. The production technology level of mining equipment manufacturers USA is first-class in the world. The development of mining […]

Top 10 Underground Mining Trucks Globally


At present, the top mining truck companies in the global market are: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr, Belaz, Volvo, Astra, Weichai, Volkswagen, Zhongtruk, Sany, XCMG, Daimler, SIH, GHH Fahrzeuge, Kress Corporation, Terex Corporation, etc. Especially volvo underground mining trucks are widely known. So, here we mainly introduce the underground mining trucks products of Caterpillar, Epiroc, Komatsu, […]

Underground Mining Technology’s Future in 2021 and Beyond

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Mining is the source of mineral commodities mined all over the globe. Industrial and construction projects need these minerals and mining commodities. Furthermore, everything from cars, roads, houses, workplaces, computers, and cellphones uses mined material goods or byproducts in some manner. Moreover, underground mining technology is a significant source of revenue for many nations and […]

Underground Mining Scoop Tram Ultimate Guide

Underground Mining Scoop Tram Ultimate Guide

Horizontal transportation in the underground mine relies heavily on load-haul dump (LHD) vehicles or underground Scooptrams. Underground mining scoop tram transport ore from the mining faces to the closest belt conveyors, dumped at unique locations. Underground mining scoop tram is adamant, maneuverable, and productive. LHD is popular in more than 75% of the world’s deep […]

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